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Johnson & Johnson Message Board

  • thoughtfulman thoughtfulman Jan 15, 2013 8:58 AM Flag

    What is wrong with this board?

    For a company of such size and greatness as JNJ, I am shocked to see that this board is full of mindless posters making trivial and downright idiotic comments as opposed to discussing issues about company value, growth, competition and such relevant matters. Believe me, it was not like this when I used to visit this board about 5 to 8 years back. It was a very interesting and informative board to visit and learn and exchange ideas. It is sad to see this happening. Where are all the serious posters?

    Please, let us make a serious effort to improve the quality of this board that deals with such an important and interesting company!

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    • goldenram71 Jan 16, 2013 7:50 AM Flag

      I think when the format changed people became less interested in posting anything. It's difficult to follow a thread with this format. I believe most shareholders are still interested in the company but every time the format changes, the number of posts go down.

    • Maybe people got sick of the lack of growth and the poor leadership this company had for so many years. What's there to talk about as corporations don't listen to anyone anymore, certainly not shareholders. Well, with Gorky Park running the show, hopefully it will get better.

    • Thoughtful,

      The internet, in general, is full of some very strange people who post very bizarre things under the cloak of anonymity.

      I would caution you that many of the "professional" message boards for lawyers, doctors, and to a lesser extent, financial professionals are equally full of nonsense. Many are appalling. I was looking for some factual information on one of these sites (that my colleagues were unaware of) the other day at work.

      I received several pages of racist ramblings employing ethnic slurs from several different posters in the reply, along with links to several pictures that were not suitable for workplace viewing which resulted in my throwing my sportscoat over the screen. I hadn't asked a question that even vaguely involved race, either - nor had I, obviously, asked for fecal matter pornography to be delivered to my workplace desktop.

      I think many of these message boards have become hijacked by mentally ill or deranged persons who get "kicks" out of annoying others or, as I have heard from my nephews, "trolling people".

      And yes, I think JNJ is "less sexy" than a lot of newer companies and often its blended nature means people don't understand their product line, but it is a consistent company.

      Sentiment: Buy

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