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  • MrHeartless MrHeartless Dec 28, 1997 11:26 PM Flag

    JNJ outlook

    I am long JNJ. I have read all the discussion on stents. However I have a few questions.

    Does anyone know what percentage of the sales and profits of JNJ are represented by stents?

    When you cut to the chase, what does all the current activity in new product introductions mean for the future of the stent business of JNJ?

    I will hold JNJ for the long term so don't care about stock price as much as future profits.

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    • The profits at JNJ come from the RX and the OTC pharma business. I would woory much more about the health of Tylenol, oral contraceptives, Risperdal, EPO and Propulsid that Cordis and the stent business. JNJ will leave Cordis alone as long as the business perfomrs and when it slips the boys and girls from New Brunswick Finance will hack out the disease and return the business to health or sell it off!!

    • OK banditmeister! are the tylenol and bandaids enough to patch up the disaster with Cordis? Seems to me, Cordis is dead weight. The Crown won't be enough. I don't want it.

    • >How could they have gotten a monorail in the US if GDT was sitting on the patent? Or was the outcome of the patent dispute still in question at that time?<

      No, you're correct in assuming GDT's Yock patent and Scheider's Bonzel patent were firmly in place and, from SciMed's experience, everyone knew that these patents were very well written.

      The obvious choice for Cordis, BSX, and others was to try to find a way to engineer around the patents, much easier said
      than done, if the end-result would be something competitive. That is what makes it all the more interesting, that Cordis' pledge
      to have a competitive monorail would not be met with cautious skepticism. But, shareholders were virtually giddy with the
      success that Cordis was achieving at the time and, obviously, believed every thing they were told. The joke is that that Cordis
      never did have a competitive design and they "were betting on the come" that they could come up with one within 18 months. That
      obviously hasn't happened.

      Of course, there has been some speculation that Cordis recently negotiated with MDT the rights to MDT's Falcon monoral design. However, that has not only been challenged by GDT but, even more relevant, at its best it's not a very poor substitute for the GDT monorail.

    • JNJ had sales of 22 billion this year. GDT 1.1 billion BSX 1.8 billion. Stents make up a small part of JNJ's sales. Stick with J&J for bandaids and tylenol. They are a solid blue chip health care company. Definitely a long term buy and hold.

      The stent market in the US is $600 million.

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