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  • vegas_trader777 vegas_trader777 Mar 9, 2009 10:20 AM Flag

    IMO, The Trading Pattern is Suggesting


    that a big move up in price is coming!

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    • originalklondikesurfer originalklondikesurfer Mar 15, 2009 10:16 AM Flag

      Vegas...getting the word out to the investment community is really a laugh.

      The investment community isn't looking at bulletin board stocks to invest in, they look to the big board and the NASDAQ for buys where "quality stocks" are a steal at these deflated prices.

      I'm waiting for the "big push" on CSUH just like the rest, and hopefully it comes sooner than later.

    • I still do not discern the pattern that you refer to however. This stock is trading an average dollar volume of less than $10,000 per day. Many days it trades 5000-7000 or so. Does not look like very many new buyers flocking in.

      People have been raving about the promotion, advertising, free publicity, etc. that this company has received for quite some time, so I would not get overly excited about that. So far the effect on the stock price has been non-existent.

      Interesting discussion though, I certainly apreciate your input.

    • O.K., maybe Vegas has a point. Up about 8% today, yeah its only 4/10 of a penny but hey, gotta start somewhere. Pathetic volume today, but I am sure that is just an anomaly in his eyes. Oh well, he has put up a predicted price, I have put up a totally uneducated guess, anyone else want to try their hand?

      Might as well have a few laughs to keep from cryin' as our investment in this company goes absolutely nowhere.

      Hey Vegas, just having fun here, as I said before I am hoping that you are right and I am wrong.

    • What trading pattern? Same ole, same ole...especially after a day like today.

    • volume has picked up, too. not every day, but there's been quite a few days where the average has been reached by about 11am. I think slowly, but surely, the publicity game is drawing interest to the stock.

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      • Can you elaborate please?

        Because looking at the price and volume over the last 4 months or so, I cannot see anything different or unusual at this time. This stock has been in a trading range between around .04 nd .065 or thereabouts since December. Why all of asudden is a price breakout imminent? And where do you see the price 30 trading days from now?

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