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  • crocsurvivor crocsurvivor Sep 3, 2009 9:40 AM Flag

    Stinky! Stinky! Stinky! Stinky! Stinky!


    CFO sold 83,010 more shares. SEC filing 9/2

    This is not a good sign!

    Be good, children, hold onto YOUR shares while the CFO sells HIS.

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    • By the way Ken, don't bother responding as I put u on ignore as u simple have too low a level of knowledge to bother reading or responding to going forward. You flunked economics as you don't understand how to define Fair Market Value for a stock!! So, don't respond as it won't be read by me anyway.

    • No Ken, actually you don't as you are the poor soul that doesn't understand economics and got an F from his Economics teacher trying to define fair value by explaining something being over valued. Again, poor soul doesn't understand economics and on a board trying to communicate good or poor investing. Sad sad!!

    • Did you every consider these are real people really working as in the "American Dream" to start a business from merely nothing and make it grow.

      You know what I like about Steve and his employees, they are working hard with the money I invested in them. I've already used some of the return. That why I thank them everyday.

      It's called LABOR DAY because of hard workers, working hard.

      Have a good one and THANKS AGAIN to the Celsius Holding Company to all the hard workers everywhere in this country who has made this the greatest country !!!!

    • We get it, you work for Celsius. Congrats.

    • That because it's ridiculously vain for any of us (especially the spinning bashers) to think anyone but the hard working people at Celsius have any effect on the stock price. All the work is being done by Steve Haley, team Celsius and the CFO.

      Thanks again Kezzy , You answered my question, you're looking out for all the other investors.
      I bet you care for the employees of Celsius also?
      There's to much upward momentum to stop Celsius now.

      And again a THANKS shouted out to Steve Haley and the hard workers At Celsius.

    • I'm afraid I'd have to characterize anyone buying now as an idiot. If I got bothered every time an OTC pump ran up the price of a stock, I'd probably be more depressed than Marvin, so no worries there.
      I know you hold a lot of the stock and don't like anyone pointing out how overvalued it is, but you might as well live with it and hope it doesn't drop too quickly. It's pretty clear you won't be able to unwind your position any time soon, at least not at anywhere near the current price.
      Unlike you, I don't make predictions by the way, certainly not on OTC stocks. I merely point out situations less sophisticated investors want to watch out for.

    • Yes, personal vendetta AND accumulating stock - I don't believe that you're an idiot, so I'm sure that you're buying now because you're pissed that you missed the boat for the last run. I think your personal vendetta had you wishing that Celsius would fail, but when you realized your wish didn't come true you started buying - late. Also, I only mention a vendetta because I can't figure out another reason for you to hang out around here all day every day unless you either really hate the company or are really trying to beat down the price so you can buy. People don't put so much time into something unless it's personal, and you take this VERY personal.

      Also, talk current valuation all you want, we're still waiting for the big drop to a dime that you've been predicting for that past month or so. I've got a boatload of cash on the sidelines waiting for your monstrous drop.

    • So what,he sold 7% of what he has that is real scary!!!! ha ha If he sold 50% or more that would worry me.

    • Too funny. A personal vendetta AND accumulating the stock. Sounds a little contracdictory don't you think.
      Obviously you added to your position when this thing took off and you managed to spin gold into straw. Should have followed the CFO's lead and taken your profits while you could sell more than 5k shares without dropping the price.

      Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

      BTW, still waiting on your model to justify the $140 million market cap. Take the long weekend.

    • Joe, Kezzek's reply = "I missed the boat because I should have taken a look when it was at five cents." It's that simple, but at five cent he still would most likely have spouted out all he could about how the business plan stinks and Celsius is "just another energy drink....right before the 1000% run.

      Don't let him fool you into thinking he's not building up a position in CSUH behind his blabber. No one in their right mind would spend the amount of time that he does on a Yahoo! message board of a stock in which he has no position.

      He's got a motive, and I think he has a personal vendetta against Haley or DeSantis. Just my opinion, because he spends an awfully lot of time on this board for no apparent reason.

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