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  • trygirl2oo2 trygirl2oo2 Dec 4, 2009 11:02 AM Flag

    next level is .35 time to go back up

    If the shorts didnt cover their positions under .23 they were crazy. The bulls made their money from .05 to .70 the bears had their chance to make some but if you are still short you are open for one major butt kicking. The CSUH word is getting out in NYC. When a Costco or Walmart pr comes out the longs will be singing all the way to the bank. I got a call from a friend from Morgan Stanley this morning asking me after he saw the Mario sign in Times Square on his walk to work if that was the Drink I was telling him about? He is now getting very interested in the drink and the stock. By the way I had a case of the green tea sent to his office today Im sure they will enjoy the way it makes you feel while working out and the added benefit it does to help you lose weight.

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    • Giving them a case of Celsius is a nice move. I plan to give boxes of packets out to my friends, family and co-workers for Christmas. They all could use an energy boost and most could stand to lose a little weight.

    • There are no shorts on the OTC, sorry trygirl. But you, mick and lowe should go for it. I'll wait for the R/S, the announcement of how well the subsequent stock sale went and some indication that the company isn't still spending $15 in incremental expenses for every $1 in additional gross profit, as happened last quarter.

      Good luck!

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      • What you think about this company is not relavent to me. You made some valid points but sorry to inform you that you have showed a lack on knowledge on the overall business. Stick with the micro managing posts on the drink companies that don't have a complete statretgic plan unfolding.

        Don't worry about following trends as most businesses never try to find consumer trends to plan around!

        It's a given that the company has work to do on the business front. Nobody is denying that fact. Good luck trying to talk the stock down over the next few weeks! You will be very busy!

        NYC is going to be buzzing with news on Celsius very soon!

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