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  • therockhound05 therockhound05 May 5, 2010 10:57 PM Flag

    Celsius the Category Creator

    Everything that I envisioned happening with this company over two years ago is finally falling into place. They've got the 6 studies, they're first to market in their category, and they've finally got the message to the consumer right. In the time that I've been invested in Celsius, I've put a lot of time in trying to understand consumer beverage trends, and our product is truly on the forefront! As the beverage industry as a whole continues its demise into 2010, convenience store channels will latch onto only the most innovative ideas in order keep treading water. Celsius would be one of these innovative ideas... There's no other product like it. Clinical studies set it apart. People just aren't carbonated beverages anymore, America doesn't need extra calories, Iced teas are healthy yet boring, and attention to global green movements has destroyed bottled water sales.

    Check out this article:
    "The category overall is predicted to see its third straight year of declines in both sales and unit volume for the convenience channel in 2010, primarily due to the continued deterioration of carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) and even larger declines in bottled water, according to the 2010 Convenience Store News Industry Forecast Study.

    "Of all the subsegments in packaged beverages, only two showed positive change in volume growth from 2008-2009 across all channels -- ready-to-drink tea and energy drinks at 1.2 percent and 0.2 percent, respectively, according to Beverage Marketing Corp."

    "Many convenience stores are highlighting select beverage innovations in their stores this spring, such as Cumberland Farms with three flavors of Celsius "fitness" drinks and Kum & Go with rocket-shaped bottles of ZUN energy drinks."

    Energy drinks are keeping convenience channels happy; however, I don't consider a 0.2 % volume change significant. I interpret this as signs of an over saturation in the energy drink market beginning to bear its head. We all know how overwhelming an energy drink purchase decision can be when staring blankly into a cooler with a hundred different choices of high caffeine, high sugar garbage. So now what do the convenience channels run to??? THEY RUN TO US! Celsius isn't just an "energy drink," it's in its own category of functional beverages... a product that does SOMETHING for the consumer (i.e. burns calories). Why not choose something that stands out like Celsius? With all this said, Celsius looks poised for takeoff.

    Today's news reveals that they are on board with an established IR firm. They have at least five unannounced catalysts that could be due out anytime in PRs to drive this forward. These include added distribution in: Costco, Sam's Club, Walmart, CVS, and Dierbergs. The only people that know about this info are those who tuned into the conference calls, and leafed through the SEC filings." Also numbers are due out very soon. Expectations on the message boards seem to bein the high 3 million range. Remember that Q1 in 2009 didn't even see 1M in sales! I believe Celsius is going to beat these expectations, and I'm predicting numbers north of 5M for Q1 2010. 500% growth in revenue will erupt this thing big time!

    Celsius also has added accounts in Europe and Brazil. They've remained silent on this development. Day after day this thing continues to go viral...

    I say it's just a matter of a few months before we see some really nice returns.

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