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  • lalosmd Sep 23, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    How much lower?

    I am already down significantly on this stock - but i agenrally buy and hold when getting a good dividend. But in all honesty - we are near a PE of five. How can there be more downside? What is leading to a lack of buyers?

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    • Given that this was a $6 stock not that long ago, I would be a buyer at around $14 again.

    • This stock is down because the market is down and your President is sending it down with his statements. He has no shame. I know this company because I once owned two fertilizer plants that made ammonium thio-sulfate and liquid phosphate. Fertilizer is a major part of this company. It will be around for a long time. Own it for both the oil and the nitrogen side. They make huge amounts of money. Compare POT. It climbed to over $200/share in two years, and they just make potash. Karl didn't buy 75% of this stock to lose money. He can see the long side of this, so don't worry. This spring the nitrogen side will really shine here.

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    • linda_mod Sep 23, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

      The dividend is not safe. Payout ratio is over 150% ! They just began paying a dividend in 2013. Check out historical prices of CVI also. At one time it was over $70 and now is only in the high 30's. Something's not right, but I've been waiting for a good entry point. It seems like a great company.

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      • You are completely wrong. The Dividend is 100% safe. If you read last quarters report you would have seen that the company has derivative hedges in place whereby if the spread is only $2.00 a barrel they are going to get over $20.00 a barrel spread for the next 2 quarters and next year the spread is even more favorable but the quantity of barrels hedged will be less. So the dividend is safe for this year and next year.

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