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  • Oct 20, 2010 2:08 PM Flag

    Just like they legalized alcohol to bring us out of depression

    All of this speculation on the future of Cannabis and its possible future role in U.S. Economic history might very well come true and I can certainly be counted as a proponent, strictly from the economic benefits Legalization may very well afford. One potential factor which is not readily being discussed is the relationship in perception between Hemp and Pot. The war on Pot is in large part due to the Cotton Lobby in Washington. Hemp and Marijuana are illegal so that our shirts and jeans are made with cotton and not Hemp. Legalizing marijuana open's 2 flood gates, which are not mutually exclusive: 1 normalizing pot smoking and 2 adding a superior competitor in raw fabric materials.

    -IN SUMMARY: Which companies are the right companies to back?

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