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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Sep 4, 2013 6:32 AM Flag

    Misconduct of DuPont Employees/Agents Over the Internet

    Open Letter to DuPont's Independent Directors

    Dear Patrick Ward,

    As an independent Director on the DuPont Board, you may not be aware of the widespread misconduct of DuPont employees and agents at various internet investor and news sites. Their acts of flagrant abuse and retaliation are detrimental to the Company which you will superintend for the benefit of the owners, DuPont shareholders. Please see the following communication:

    Open Letter to Ellen J. Kullman: Your Employees Are Damaging Your Reputation and DuPont's Reputation!

    Ellen J. Kullman, Chair & CEO, E. I .du Pont de Nemours and Company
    1007 Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19898

    Dear Ms. Kullman,

    The internet has become an increasingly major source of information on companies for investors, students and the public. People avidly read news and opinions on corporations from multitudinous sites.

    You may not be aware that certain of your DuPont employees in various internet forums are engaging in practices that are highly detrimental to the reputation and image of DuPont and its leaders. DuPont employees, particularly in the AG arena, having proudly disclosed their employment with DuPont and in their zeal to promote DuPont have engaged in brazen misconduct and unsavory tactics, which include...

    * Mocking and smearing your own DuPont customers, including AG customers and those with legitimate claims from Imprelis caused consequences.

    * Smearing DuPont rivals, particularly Monsanto, with defamatory and systematic attacks in disgusting and sleazy fashion. That does not sit well with investors and with prospective seed and ag chemical customers.

    * Viciously vindictive personal attacks on outside commentators whose independent views they violently disagree with. Your employees' arrogant intolerance of others' views and their relentless attempts to disrupt boards and gut open and free discussion with stolen names, confusing identity theft reflects poorly on you and DuPont.

    funfundvierzig, DD shareholder

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    • You are on the wrong board. LOL

    • colorado dude,

      Absolutely not. Patrick Ward, a Vice President and CFO for Cummins, Inc has just been named to the Board of Directors of the DuPont Company, effective in October, 2013.

      As a CMI shareholder, we would ask why he will be spending his energies and talent mixed up with this disreputable conglomerate in Delaware, with a long documented history of unlawful misconduct such as criminal price-fixing, fraud-mongering, sham innovation, SHAM SAFETY for workers and plant communities, and downright dirty-play. How does that new connection with DuPont redound to the benefit of Cummins and its shareholders?

      Incidentally, for starters to educate yourself, you might want to GOOGLE:

      "DuPont Imprelis Litigation" or "DuPont Imprelis Fraud".


    • CMI folks: I forgot to say I am a CMI shareholder, so that gives me the right to trash up your board with my "unbiased" views of my former employer DuPont. Get used to it. I usually post the same message on multiple boards, usually within minutes. Content doesn't matter, prolific messages do. If you say anything, I'll call you a DD shill.

      • 3 Replies to funfunvirzieg
      • colorado, who in the hell are you to order another investor where to post and what to say? We're talking about the use of Cummins executive resources here, whether you like it or not. If you are so fearful a foreign thought might migrate across the border of your limited brain use the Yahoo! IGNORE feature.

        Folks, comically, this low I.Q. heckler, "colorado", has never contributed anything of substance to this Yahoo! board or any other board. Yet he whines...


      • Who the hell cares - take it over to the DD board. I don't care if you are a cummins shareholder or not. It's just off-topic. Otherwise...welcome to ignore!

      • FAKE FUNFUN post, folks, and continuing harassment and hectoring by the unethical trash in the DuPont Management camp. Tell us CMI shareholders again why Cummins CFO, Patrick Ward, should be associated with such a corrupt and dishonest conglomerate in the dwarf state of Delaware!


    • Dr. Fun-NUT,

      How did I know that you would be pooping on the CMI board, once CMI's officer joined the DuPont B.O.D.?

      You can whine all you want about being "attacked" on the Internet, but seems like some 20,000 posts, when we include your aliases, are full of insults, slams, derogatory jibberish, et al.

      Have a gay day.

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