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  • arql07 arql07 Sep 12, 2013 12:26 PM Flag


    Three months ago, BIEL sent me a patch for my back. They made improvements to make it difficult to replace the battery, they have two spikes in the front that do not allow you to slip out the battery. But with some very careful moves, I was able to replace the battery It takes a 2032 Duracell replacement. I have enjoyed my best night's sleep in 18 months because of this patch. Prior, my only hope was a pill, Ice or heating pad. I know exactly when I crawl in bed and forgotten to secure the wrap.

    I feel also, because of little inflammation during the night, that I have better days because of this. I don't wear it during the day. Company should send Tiger Woods one, it sounds like his back could use it and we could use a endorsement. I was glad to see that some posters kept my previous post alive for months after I posted it. I again hope one day bashers find themselves needing some help. Maybe they will find a remedy to repair their liver and kidneys from having to take pills.

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    • it sucks that "with a couple of careful moves" you can change the battery . AW and those engineers are idiots if they can't prevent someone from doing this without destroying the product.

      with a few careful moves of his own, Edbi slips his 4.6"er into the behind of his boyfriend, while Coco watches and pleasures herself. I hope her fake eyebrows don't fall off !

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      • It was not easy to do this. In the past I was able to easily remove the battery, so they did improve it. I was scared I would break some wires and I have no way to replace the unit. For me I need this patch to keep working. I do not look forward to the day it fails to operate. I remember when I got a patch for my wrist years ago from Canada. They had to ship me several units to find one good working one. This unit is much better made and I'm sure with the push button feature they can make them where you have to destroy it to get to the battery. The current model, since you have to insert a piece of plastic, to prevent a circuit, prevented it from being engineered from tampering with the battery.

        The main point, is that this works for my injury. Thank you BIEL. I actually didn't renew my prescription for my pain pills. If any one has an idea how I can replace this down the road in The USA, please post where I can buy it. Reasonable priced preferred and shipping costs.

        I believe they should go the route of INFO commercial, they could get these on the shelves in Walmart and CVS in the staging area for Info commercial products, specially if they could get the price near $10. Screw the FDA.

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