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  • smearjob smearjob May 4, 2012 9:00 AM Flag

    This is a no growth bank.

    Paying out 95% of earnings to prop the stock price, there is nothing left
    for growth. This is a typical small community bank.

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    • You know that's funny, If the economy doesn't get better you may have some success at lending. Take care and keep the faith, This to shall pass and we'll get back to where we've been. In the meantime catch a few dividends and re-invest them. You know some of the largest held companies right now don't pay much more as a Dividend, don't seem to move much higher, and fall with the market. Look at AT@T or Verizon.

    • Lefty I sure hope you are right. I think when they went public, my shares were multiplied by 2.2 since the initial offering was at $10 per share....hit $11.90 first day. I have a decent amount of my portfolio riding on NWBI. $11.14 closing today was not what I was hoping for. I am now saying my prayers that you are right. One of those deals for me where you want it to recover somewhat before selling. Still a strong company when looking at the big picture and long term. Guess it's not as bad as Facebook. I am going to get a few eggs out of the Easter basket when the time is right. Cross your fingers and lets hope for the best. I'm thinking of starting my own neighborhood fractional reserve banking/lending institution! How can you loose? Take care.

    • I bought this on the open of the original offering, and I've collected and re-invested the dividend since, never once has it dipped back to the opening price.
      This is down now since JPMorgan had a couple of billion dollar loss for the last qtr. and it's drug all the finacials down with it. Sell if you want, you'll get your target But i'll hold till the economy gets stonger and i can get higher than a 4% return with little risk

    • I have been in this way before 2008. Way before! Now down to 11.64. Say what you would like. I am not talking about the last few days. I am talking about the day they went 100% public with their initial offering after deciding to no longer be a mutual holding company. I guess you and I will have to agree to disagree. This stock has dropped consistently (now over 10%) since the Board of Directors decided not to purchase back their own stock (as they have the last two years) at their first quarter meeting of 2012. NO more crutch to prop the price. It's a shame. It is trading at less than it did the day it went public in the midst of the worst recession this country has seen in our lifetime. I just wish put options were more readily available. I can say that I appreciate your opinion....mine just seems to be quite the opposite. We will just have to watch the rest of the game and see. I am going to hold in the hopes it hits mid 12's and dump it.

    • I have disagreed with your posts for quite some time. I have read them for the past few years. Good dividends but (maybe) Ponzi SCHEME! It is time for me to jump on your boat. NWBI (Just from what I have heard) raised somewhere in the ballpark of $100 million when they converted from a mutual holding company to a public company listed on NASDAQ. They intended to buy out small banks struggling during the worst of the recession (mostly private held) but were put it the penalty box by the FEDS for non-compliance issues. They were forbidden to buy out until they got their own disaster under control. This is just what I have heard through the grape vine....Can't guarantee it's true. From what I have heard, they (NWBI) have continued to purchase back their own stock for many quarters going back a couple years since they were given NO from purchasing other banks by the FEDS until they got their business together and comply. Now they decide not to purchase back any stock this quarter because they may pass the test. I sure hope their employees know the deal! What is going to happen to the price of their stock when they are not purchasing back half a million shares per quarter and propping the price......? Hmmmm......Supply VS Demand. Just look at the past two months history. I sure hope that they are honest enough to inform their employees who are heavily invested in NWBI as to to the plan and situation. Dang! I have no way of knowing if what I have heard is correct and I sure hope it is not. That would just be a filthy dirty trick. I hope not. Invest wise and don't trust anybody. Do you're research. Take care.

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