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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Aug 4, 2009 3:28 AM Flag

    GCI 2 week to 2 month target: $12-14

    It just got so WAY oversold, that this period of adjustment is going to be something spectacular. No reason it can't sell at 7x this year's earnings ($1.60), or 4x next year's ($2.50) $10 MINIMUM. In fact, it COULD sell at 10x this year's earnings, and 7x next year's, before this year is out. Target in that case: $16-20

    The reality is, with all the cost cutting, some of which is going to be PERMANENT, GCI will be at, or very close to, RECORD earnings, in a few years, and the Cassandras will have been long ago forgotten, as the Street does a WHOLESALE REEVALUATION of the newspaper sector, and decides that THE CASH FLOWS ARE STILL SPECTACULAR, and WILL STILL CONTINUE TO BE SPECTACULAR. Eventually, 10-14x earnings of $4-5 per share, equals a $40-70 stock! Perhaps one can see how, in that context, the move from $2 to $8 is only a "blip."

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