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  • tigerpac tigerpac Mar 28, 2011 11:30 AM Flag


    I find it amusing that this stock has gone from 4.50 to 2.80 in about a week and not one single person on the Yahoo board has lost money.

    No one ever loses money on these boards.

    Yea, sure!

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    • I Have lost money on paper, I am still holding from 4.10

      So what of it?

    • You mean 4.50 to 2.70 recently and this board is loaded with bagholders.

      Pump posters are your bagholders in most cases.

      The chart confirmed a triple top over $3. These bounces off 2.70 in premarket and early session trades have been naked shorts covering.

      Now they are done. We need real buyers now.

      I'm staying at Buy on weakness for PRAN shares. 2.25 to 2.50 should be the bottom end.

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      • >> We need real buyers now. <<

        For what purpose? The share price is what it is. Over the past week it was driven largely by short-term speculators whose idea of a long-term holding period is a few hours. As the interest of the day-traders wanes, the share price has begun to settle to a level that reflects the currently known state of the company, factoring in last week's news.

        if you want the price to go significantly higher, you may have to wait for the next catalyst. But we don't know what that will be or when it will happen. We don't even know whether there will be another catalyst to drive the price upward. The earliest announced date for further experimental results from treating Alzheimer's patients with PBT2 is two years from now, when the results of the proposed imaging study are supposed to be released. But this assumes that funding will materialize for the imaging study. We don't know whether this will happen.

        Of course, there may be many types of catalysts besides the imaging study that could happen much sooner, such as an announcement about a partnership with big pharma on favorable terms (something we've already been awaiting for the past three years), or perhaps yet another mouse study. But the only way to know whether or when any of these catalysts will happen is to wait for them to happen.

      • Bottem is in.Don't think you will be able to pick up any shares in the 2.25 -2.65 range.Onward and upward at this point.

        Good luck all.

      • This has not been on the naked short list for months, so your post is pure nonsense.

    • I've given some back on paper but still up...Does that make you happy?

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