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  • scamofthedecade scamofthedecade Jan 30, 2013 9:04 AM Flag

    Founded in 1997 and Only in Phase 2?

    What have they been doing for 16 years?

    A Phase 3 trial to be completed by 2030, maybe?

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    • scam revels in the misfortune of others as he is doing on the CLSN board. Looking at his previous posts reveals what kind of a person he is. On the other hand, looking at his posts brought me here to this very interesting company.

    • Hats off to the impenetrable group of intelligent posters on this message board. You guys turned around a thread intended to bash with constructive and compelling arguments for Prana in no time at all. Science aside you wouldn't find investors this savvy spending their valuable time on any smoke and mirrors type company.

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    • Suggest you go to the Prana website and sit through the several hours of the New York Academy of Sciences eBriefing. Precisely explains what they, and others, have been doing for 16 years. The contributions to our understanding of the AD process discovered by Prana founders and associated researchers, is clearly presented, sans spin.

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    • Like many speculators, you completely miss the essential question: Is Prana's MPAC model valid? We do not yet have an answer to this question, which is why Prana's share price (U.S.) is neither $0.01 nor $100. The 16-year timespan since Prana's founding provides us with no insight whatsoever regarding the answer to this question and is thus completely irrelevant in deciding whether to buy, sell, or hold Prana shares.

      Either Prana's MPAC approach will turn out to be successful (meaning that it will result in one or more drugs that will do a much better job of treating one or more neurodegenerative diseases than any currently approved drugs), or it won't. By this time next year we should have a much better idea of whether Prana's MPAC model is a good one.

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    • They have been studying and developing a drug to stop alzheimer's disease, all of the eight full time workers in the company and now they have it (?). You can compare the company with any big pharma with hundreds of scientist trying and failing with the same task already over thirty years. I would suggest you to go and ask them, what they have been doing during these years. Sure they have had ph 3 studies, but all failed by now.

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    • They meant to cure AD about a decade ago, but the weather's been so damn nice lately ...

    • I think it is scam of the decade.

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      • Gee, what happed to putting a signigfcant portion of your 401k into it "because some times you just have to do waht feels right"?

      • You think, but perhaps not research. The first drug had some safety concerns which could not be resolved, along with poor blood brain barrier penetration. PBT2 is the turbo version, with good safety profile and excellent BBB penetration.
        Phase2s in two indications, one orphan drug and the other the biggest yet unserved and desperate market. One of the phase 2s is just to confirm positive results from a previous phase 2.
        Both trials fully recruited. Scam ? Probably the fact that the top Huntingtons organization in the world is backing the trial is a hint this is the real deal. Huntingtons specialists across the globe are donating their time to get this done. Perhaps you should let them know they are wrong.

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