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  • pvretire pvretire Nov 3, 2013 3:09 PM Flag

    the National Geographic

    had a Nov 1st article on the latest in AZ trials and research and doesn't mention Prana. Maybe it's because they're all AUSTRALIANS - you know the crooks and murders they deported in the early 1800s? Seriously, it's like no one takes Prans's results, seriously

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    • History is wrong about australia. The true account is as follows: James cook discovered the continent and reported back to his friends that he had found a place with great weather. All the cool people then left England to aus for a sea change lifestyle. The people then left behind, being naturally upset about not being invited decided to rewrite history to imply that they kicked the rest out... Australia has never bothered to correct the myth because we were too busy surfing to worry about it :)

    • Mainstream journalism in the USA has gone downhill over the past several decades. What nowadays passes as "investigative journalism" at the New York Times or Time Magazine or NBC News or the venerable Washington Post is little more than a bland retweeting of the conventional wisdom of the moment, cobbled together by uncurious hacks who couldn't have gotten a cub-reporter job at a small-town newspaper 40 years ago.

      This decline of Yankee journalistic quality has, unfortunately, spilled over into National Geographic. Whoever wrote the article was probably too lazy or uninterested to do a thorough search of the current literature on AD research. And he probably assumed that nothing of interest was happening in the southern hemisphere.

      I stopped subscribing to American newspapers and news magazines twenty years ago. If I want to read about something that's happening in America nowadays, I often go to the websites of various British newspapers. The UK seems to have a lively and vibrant and curious press.

      With regard to National Geographic, I still love to read from my family's collection of old issues going back to 1913. Today's Nat Geo is but a bland simulacrum of what was once a mainstay of middle-class American life.

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      • Yeah, but it's not just the mainstream press. Scientific journals should be commenting. They didn't release any stats with the news, but if just this one thing is true:

        PBT2 restored learning and memory. The old mice treated with PBT2 performed learning and memory tasks to the same level exhibited by young mice and significantly better than untreated old mice

        then Prana has something revolutionary.

    • the English were deporting der crooks & murders to the 13 colonies long bfr Aussies had regular penal drop off service. How else yah think Wall St got started...certainly wasn't from the Puritans.

    • microcaps just aren't taken seriously. watch out for the mouse that roared!

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