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    Scientific Objectives

    ◾ To expand Prana’s MPAC platform to build new pipeline assets.
    ◾ Identification of new MPACs for the treatment of AD.
    ◾ Identification of new MPACs for the treatment of other neurodegenerative diseases.
    ◾ Identification of MPACs for the treatment of selected cancers, including Brain Cancer.
    ◾ Identification of non-MPACs for the treatment of AD. Since the initiation of Prana chemistry in 2001, more than 1000 compounds now exist in the company's chemical library. Those compounds are tested in a panoply of disease-specific screens, providing structure-activity relationship (SAR) information. The information from these data sets is then critically analysed to rationally design the next set of compounds.

    Outcomes of Discovery
    ◾ Up to 2002: Screening of hundreds of potential leads through AD screens to identify the 8-hydroxyquinolines as an active scaffold.
    ◾ 2002-2003: Approximately 200 8-hydroxyquinolines were synthesized, resulting in the discovery of PBT2 (nomination as a candidate in 2003)
    ◾ 2003-present: Over 200 non-8-hydroxyquinoline Follow-Up compounds were synthesized. From this, a number of candidates for AD (PBT3 series) and other indications (PBT4 series) are being pursued.
    ◾ 2002-present: Non-MPACs projects are being pursued as therapeutic and imaging agents.

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