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  • rkf302 rkf302 Feb 14, 2014 10:35 AM Flag

    The entire downtrade is spam.

    from adam to williamson to summer street to captain posting every 13 seconds, while still offsides on his sell at 5.75, to jakey and the other trolls. Zero information. Lots of shorts unnerving everyone. It is all spam. We will find out when results come out.

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    • Captain has zero effect on stock price, nor has he ever even put together a cohesive thought that I'm aware of. Don't flatter stupid people - it makes them believe in their own idiocy.

    • Expect the bashing to be intense until option expiration. Why? The 7.50 mark for options is significant as there are twice as many calls to take out of the money at that strike price than puts. In fact, since $12, dropping the price down to just under 7.50 for expiration will have taken ~6700 calls out of money and instead allow ~ 4000 puts into the money. A positive trade off the big players are wiling to make happen.

      So now will come tons of bashing in an attempt to keep it just under 7.50 until option expiration. I say put the pressure on.....this is a very good level to buy at IMO.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Actually the maximum pain is $9 in dollar terms and that is important to the writers of options not the number of option contracts! We still have a week and I suspect that the MM will influence price movement to something close to $9. Right now all the calls are loosing on premium and are cheap to buy back and soon all puts below $9 will do the same when price move towards $9. And that is, people how it is done. We know the game is rigged just figure out how it is rigged !

    • The stock is going down. I called it. That's all you need to know. End of story.

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