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  • frobinso1 frobinso1 Feb 16, 2014 8:54 PM Flag

    Good luck to all the longs

    I am happy for the halt. It levels the playing field in the respect that the fear is felt equally on both sides now, at a time when the board was overrun with folks creating fear and doubt in a downtrend.

    Hoping for strong results on HD. The bar is set pretty low so definitely hoping we clear that bar.

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    • Hi frobinso1,
      I put up a lot of links yesterday on stocktwits and twitter including scientific papers which support PRAN's science. All responses or tweets from the short/bash side were hand-waving, non-scientific, "it doesn't work" type with no references or links. After reviewing all the papers I can't help but come to the conclusion that Pbt2 will be positive for the patient breaking up toxic oligomers, restoring metals homeostasis, promoting new neuron formation, and increasing dentritic spine density. Since Pbt2 does so much good, it should show up in the patient as a measurable benefit. In the mean time, the detractors of the technology are setting the stage (at least on Twitter) to downplay and twist a headline such as "Pbt2 meets its primary endpoint" into a negatively spun bash by setting the bar so high in the minds of traders that anything less than FDA approval on the spot should be seen as a failure. It is disgusting to see such behavior among this group that call themselves "professionals." Let's hope for good results for the patients first as well as the longs who cheer for their well-being. Think how sick these bashers must be to cheer for failure for a drug addressing such serious issues.

      Best Regards,


    • GREAT! Wow, turned off updates on my phone this weekend and figured I would check and see if the ignored posts have gone. This is the moment... when all of our research and investment decisions are put to the test. This is the first stage, that will hopefully take us up into the atmosphere, then next month we go to the moon! Good luck to those holding shares, hopefully this is the prelude to an extraordinary moment in Prana's history.

      Good luck to all those who have or know someone with HD! Hopefully there will be help on the way.

    • Correction: Fear is only on the long side.

    • Too many people to thank for their contributions to the board! The mainoriginal three characters you know whom you are, then there is Vike, Pivalde, Frob taking up the chase, hotcopper Aus contributors who would not let the BS pass uncontested (along with RK), then we have the good Doctor and others in the profession, we have people that know people and options players in the know. We have people on the board genuinely looking out for the interests of investors and so patients down the road.
      We have the special ladies always adding their input keeping the posts balanced (and mostly tamed; I have the Capt and a few others on Ignore or I would have bought a gun and gone out hunting!).
      Good Luck everyone!! I would have gone back through the posts to name many more I likely have left out, but battery power on laptop limits my ability : (
      But all longs (and even a few shorters and scared out sellers ) as long as you added to the positive information flow on the YMB, your input was very much appreciated!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I find it interesting that they would halt the stock and not release the news yet. The knew that the ASX would have followed the NASDAQ and Prana would have fallen today if it weren't halted. My take is the longer the halt, the better the news is. I believe they want the U.S. to trade it first on Tuesday morning and have the ASX follow the next day.

    • hoping for good results also but the only thing that has me concerned with Reach2HD is that no extension trial was could the results have been that good....we will soon find out.....I was hoping they would release HD and AD results at the same time for this type of scenario

    • I 'm not sure the fear is spread evenly…if bad news it probably goes to $2/3…..from present dollar vale of $7. However if its good news this stock is off to the races and we are probably talking $20-25…with AD coming on its heal…I'm not sure I want to be on the track when this train comes through.


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      • who knows? 6 months ago many longs were forecasting adequate HD results. and many had guessed a $10 range price right before results, with a drop to @ $5, if the results were so-so.
        If results are OK, but not great, I'd hope we would stay at 5 or so.

        Love to see knockout data, but as someone else mentioned, why no extension of the trial?

      • With no product to sell this stock can go to zero there is no floor. If they get a product out of the pipeline and for sale the only thing for sure is the PPS will not be zero. Anybody can start a rumor and cause a panic either way and that's the problem nobody knows for sure what is fact. I have lost so much already NOTHING will surprise me. I'am just going to hold this stock off to the side and wharever happens I will learn from it.

      • for me personally both are good, if it goes to $2/3 I'll buy more at a better price since we have all the indications of good AD results, and if goes to $20-$25,well!!! good for longs.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Good luck to you frobinso.

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