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  • european_cable_engineer european_cable_engineer Oct 11, 2010 4:26 PM Flag

    The ultimate value trap

    A pile of cash they will never receive again getting burned through as a consequence of their abysmal operations and zero management motivation to do anything but stick around and suck the company dry.

    I don't think anyone believe this company has a snowball's chance in hell of turning things around operationally, so unless you see a reason to think it will get dissolved (and I don't), nothing ahead for CRC but a slow bleed to 0.00.

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    • easier way to look at this situation is that no one is really buying furniture now and most furniture companies numbers are terrible and are going to remain terrible until people start buying homes again. people will start buying homes again when they arrest deflation in housing prices (which they are trying to do with the 680 billion in treasury buy backs). how long will that take? probably a year if we are lucky. until then, you have to wait until fund managers think furniture is a good bet again and now is not the time to make money here. it's not a value trap, it's just not time to unlock the value.

    • european_cable_engineer:

      I think that you have figured out how a large percentage of our corporations operate.