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  • suejenseth suejenseth May 30, 2013 9:08 AM Flag

    The calm before

    Had an opportunity to speak to management recently. they are good and certainly believe in the Company. As Sbh has pointed out they remain very confident in our program. There is but seven months to go to the year, so I would imagine we will hear something pretty soon. Maybe MG will have something special to say at Jefferies though I don't expect we will hear about a deal at the conference.
    I am kind of putting this years goals in my back pocket and am wondering about next year and the year after. If we had the money I am sure we could have all kinds of programs going. Commercial deals will help us in two ways. Provide funds to assure our basic programs and to ratchet up the stock so that if expansion funds are needed we could get get it from the market at significantly less dilution.

    Anyway, I may look to pick up few more shares here if shorts will be somewhat accomodating.


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    • Hi Suejen ... MG is 72 years old ... Anat is not a CEO. All the topics above could me "managed" better by a younger CEO with a real track record in the US with investors and large Pharma ... is that MG today? don't think so ... we got destroyed in '12 because our management team totally screwed up on the messaging around commercialization of deals etc. however, that created a huge buying opportunity for many of us like myself that backed the truck up around $3. If they screw this up again ... we will round triup it back to $3 and I am nervous about it with 7 months left in the year ... at that point, something will have to change and it’s not the science ... it’s the leadership to extract the value out of the science ... a CEO ... just my .02. Do others see this differently?


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      • Brah- pretty brash stmt on a stock thats going higher! JEFF gona run this up into the meeting then puke it out.. question is .. what does MG - king Salesman have to say and where will the stock be? happy berrfday fat #$%$.....xo

      • Hi bananabrah,

        Some thoughts about your post:

        There is a large degree of uncertainty in the timing of deals. Deals can be large, medium, or small, involving one or more molecules, additional research, etc. We’ll see the size and scope of it when/if it happens.

        As many here know, I’m a big fan of Anat’s. And I think many others will be as well when the first deal is announced.

        My own view of the 2012 decline is that it had to do with disappointment over the lack of additional news/revenue re: the Pfizer deal. I think the general consensus was/is that it did not work out, which put the valuation back to the pre-Pfizer period. IMO, bananabrah, it was the right time to back up the truck. Why? Because the company continued to make tremendous progress not only scientifically, but more importantly (in the short run), in getting noticed by Big Pharma.

        IMO, the future continues to be very bright, and I’m looking forward to a deal announcement day when a million shares are traded. I agree with cgq: the shares are more closely held than ever, and there are 900 thousand shares short. I wonder: at what price will serious investors in this terrific company be willing to part with a few shares?


      • I think We have to give Anat a bit of time. I think she has set the company in the right direction. She has not been an outstanding communicator as of yet but that can be improved. Her knowledge and vision for the company I think are pretty darn good. Lets see how these initial deals work out. I would be very surprised if they were not pulled off.
        Regarding Martin, at some point he may have to hand over the reins as the company spokesperson and lead contact. I am not saying Martin is Warren Buffet, but Warren is getting up in years and no one would say he is ready to be replaced. Martin is extremely enthusiastic about the company and boy does it come off. I think we ought to let him grow this thing, after all he put it together.
        Last years downturn was a buying opportunity, but it came about because the focus had to shift. Many would have liked them to do a deal last year and many of us were disappointed that it did not happen. We had to take our discoveries further into development to get their value. We are going to find out pretty soon what that value is. Then we will either praise or criticize.
        One other thing besides being a fairly large holder of cgen I also own some shares of evogene which only trades on the Israel exchange. Look at the deals in that space. Martin is the chairman their as well and the deals are with the creme de la creme of the agriculture space.
        Our time is soon.


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