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  • karnut2000 karnut2000 Nov 14, 2013 3:13 PM Flag


    I've been around a bit longer than you. I've owned and sold biotechs for a profit. Lost money too. I can't remember selling short in any sector. If memory serves me it was Krispy Kreme in the 30's. Such a small position, it wasn't something I'd commit to perfect memory from years ago. Regardless, let's get back to your reply. You expressed that you didn't know why you were replying. My counter to that you can say the same for owning this overbought and overvalued simply do not know why you own it. No way you can validate this multi-million dollar per quarter loser...increasing loss quarter over quarter...and failing technical indicators on the charts. Try though...have at it. Only 2 ways to analyze a stock. The fundamentals and technicals say sell. Buy more if you think it's such a steal.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • "Analyzing" a microcap biotech comes down to three things. Do they have cash, do they have a partner/potential partner with cash, do they have a product/potential product that will generate cash. Two of those things make a stock interesting, all three make for a better than average bet. I play the odds. The odds on a happy return on investment for this one are about as good as it gets.

    • Newt nut stop your blathering. Go pollute elsewhere.

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      • johnnador, considering your tone...I'd say you decided to stay long in late Nov. Too bad you didn't heed my strong sell rating.

      • Sorry...not going to happen. I leave the name-calling and blathering to the likes of you. Let's talk about another red day here. MACD failing, about to drop below the 50 day (stockcharts default $10), slow and fast stochastics indicating bullish weakness moving to bearish, market cap 26 million over enterprise value, for each $1 in revenue you have more than $200 in market cap and priced more than 14 times book value(BV 69 cents). Net loss after taxes for the most recent quarter was $4.7 million , which was more than the prior quarter 2012. Furthermore, fairly lacking in intellectual property, fewer than 2 dozen patents with the most recent earlier this month.
        Prior issued patent was 2 1/2 years ago. One that I found goes back to 2004, #6720182. Evidently that has generated no appricable revenue. Chartists and those that rely on fundamentals, see no reason to buy or hold this near biotech shell. Combine all of that with a known scammer posting bullish here...please do better than calling me names while you ignore all of the above. Let's not forget the massive gap unfilled below $7.50

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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