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  • bonds2stocks bonds2stocks Feb 27, 2014 6:15 PM Flag

    OK- we have the Secondary -

    the stock price got ahead of itself- no size sellers - hence the parabolic move up- so we have this Secondary- Its Great news for the LONG term .. like many of our posters here.. Jeffries is by far the biggest Brokerage with REAL Institutional Customers- it will prob price at 13 or so - give or take .25 raise 75mm after expenses leaving us with a Company with 125 mm in the Bank !! - the 6 mm shares will Dilute 15% and leave us with a mkt cap of 600mm at 13 bucks ... new INSTITUTIONAL holders - New Rsch Coverage, press and everything else - Be Happy.. stock will be down tomorrow- but I am sure after the deal is done they will take it back UP-

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    • It sure looks like a shelf offering rather than a secondary offering.

    • As you say, "great news for the long term." If we wanted some confirmation that this rise has not been on speculation of a buyout, but on genuine belief in the company, then we have it. This secondary sends the signal that the company is remaining independent -- making deals, of course, but not selling out any time soon. For those investors who have stayed with the company for a decade or longer and have seen the difference in the past few years, this news offers further reason to believe that management's decision is to stay the course, and to continue developing its products in house until each one reaches its maximum value.

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      • I share your sentiment. I'm quite curious to know now how the new capital will effect their current game plan. Will they further accelerate their oncology assets, fc proteins or both? Will they conserve capital for the clinic, either for taking certain candidates further down the line (i.e. phase 2), or will they use the capital to take multiple products into the clinic at once. What we don't have is a lack of options, that's for sure. The additional capital also gives Anat et al. some wiggle room with respect to the next deal. At this moment we don't need one for the cash, so we can be extra selective in making sure we have the right deal with the right partner, and ultimately maximize the value of our assets.

    • It takes a minimum of 30 days after a shelf offering has been registered before the company can sell any stock. Furthermore, the press release is vague as to the size and scope of the offering.

    • welcome to the NFL !!

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