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  • kovdfish kovdfish Mar 7, 2013 7:16 PM Flag

    Good to see a positive day for LT investors

    It feels good to see an upday finally. I admit I am guilty of greed as many long timers are... but I really feel this is going back to those 5.00 levels. CTIC needs to chill and realize that not everyone is out to get his money lol. Raven I do really appreciate your logical approach to deliverying the info. And OJ... you are still in jail are you not?? I really do need a carribean vacation with Deano's Vino and yes I hope the 2013 vintiage is good!!!

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    • a broken clock is right two times a day !

    • Anyone who at this juncture thinks a carribean vacation with Deano's Vino still likely is an eternal optimist.

      Fact: 18-70 indication is off the table short term. When word of this label expension hit, SP rose as did price targets. Both have shrunk back, not to return short term.
      Fact: CRL occurred. By nature that diminishes the possibility of an over-40 indication.
      Fact: A CKD-only indication does not get us $5. Unless we received GREAT news Europe; however CRL diminishes possibility of great news Europe.

      While I'm still holding and modestly hopeful, times have changed. This is no longer the seemingly great opportunity it was before Robert Daum single-handedly demolished it.

      As folks way smarter that I commented long past, hurdles to an improved vaccine are very high in the US. That unfortunately has played out.

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      • CTIC_Neutral Based on your posts, why do you still hold the stock? If you are that bearish, short it or buy puts..sell your position... You state a lot of things that you say are "fact" The only fact that is truly a fact is that we received a CRL. The remainder is pure conjecture and are assumptions, even if reasonable ones. While I'm not planning a vacation based on this stock, I think we will "likely" see a sp increase going a rate higher than the market. That is why I'm still holding.. Forget about what you've lost, if you sell and put your money into somethning else you have to consider any recovery here versus what you would ear elsewhere. IMO makes this worthy of at least a hold..maybe better if we get news. Take care and good luck to you.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • One more Fact. If we get CKD only and there is no European partnership (long speculated but has never happened and less probable w/CRL), then more shares will be issued. Dilution - SP drop.

    • In Jail is right on Fish but I put myself there.
      All is good I still have faith in the science.
      and the Company.
      We will have our Trip and our wine in due time*

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