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  • dnb2020 dnb2020 May 9, 2013 3:44 PM Flag

    Looks like all the old gang is here again

    Vette, CTIC, Raven, Stevens and newer additons like Outboard....I don't recall seeing much from Dashaft lately......however, with so many oldtimers posting here is it safe to assume that there is a renewed interest in DVAX price appreciation opportunities? Really surprised to see such low volume today since I had to go back quite a ways to see any volumes under 1 million shares....

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    • Speaking only for myself here, "We ghosts never left. Just like in the Hotel California, we can check out, but we can never leave."
      Of course we all have other interests. Over the last few weeks I have been working on our "new" (we've been living in it for 8 months now?) house; and before July 1 pops up, I will have 2 of our other rental properties to work on (finish on 1 and begin major work on the other).
      But since the weather started to change, it's been a new driveway, landscaping / brickwork, and exterior paint work on the "new" place.
      For stocks, I just (only this AM) got out of a position which has dogged me for over a year. I took it of my wife's hands back in March of 2012 and she first bought into it in July of 2011. It's not a bad company, they're a great company, but unfortunately they are a "hated stock". I'm referring to Corning (GLW).
      The dividends were nice but I'd rather be able to trade in and out of it shorter term and make more on the price swings from down to up. But hey, that's done for awhile now.
      This is my worst position right now. Down 60% and hoping that a GSK low-ball offer is not what GSK has in it's hand of cards. I KNOW that (even if I went to sleep today, in the sleep of the dead) GSK sees "value" in this Dynavax thing. The $800MM partnership deal is what makes me KNOW that. What scares me is that Heplisav WASN'T part of that deal.
      And until GSK gets their little sock-puppet (Earl Grey) talking, we won't really have a full feel for what they intend for Heplisav.
      In all honesty, they could (COULD, I say) lock Heplisav away forever and keep right on making whatever steady money they are making on Engerix.
      I'll feel MUCH more comfortable when I know or hear that they (GSK) truly intend a life and purpose for Heplisav. Given where things are now, they can call Heplisav whatever they please, in my view.
      I just hope that they don't decide to call it, "dead and buried forever".
      Or at least give us a good BO price. ;-)

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