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  • theblackraven08 theblackraven08 Aug 30, 2013 12:14 PM Flag

    Something I found on Supervax......

    I found this one-pager on wikinvest.

    My best guess from this little section is that Supervax BECAME Heplisav after the RheinBiotech purchase.

    DVAX » Topics » SUPERVAX
    This excerpt taken from the DVAX 10-K filed Mar 16, 2007.


    In April 2006, we completed the acquisition of Rhein Biotech GmbH, which we refer to as Dynavax Europe. As a result, we acquired a hepatitis B vaccine called SUPERVAX that has been tested in more than 600 subjects and has demonstrated safety and 99% seroprotection when administered on a two-dose schedule. SUPERVAX was launched in Argentina in December 2006 and is approved for marketing and sales through a third party partner. We intend to continue registration activities for SUPERVAX as a two-dose vaccine for adolescents for commercialization through partners in select countries outside of North America and Europe.

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    • Heplisav IS NOT Supervax. Supervax was a HepBSAg hepatitis vaccine developed by RheinBiotech as a competitor to EngerixB. It was not adjuvented. It was actually in sales in a few countries, but revenue was tiny. It was shelved by Dynavax after the purchase of RheinBioteck in favor of the clearly superior Heplisav. The reason Dynavax bought Rhein is because they had experience manufacturing HBSAg (a component of Heplisav), and had a GMP certified manufacturing facility. I would hope the personnel at Reign have been of some assistance navigating the European regulatory landscape.


    • From the RETRO post

      Today, it is estimated that vaccines based on this technology
      are used worldwide, and that the inventors' technology is utilized for the
      production of a number of several other commercial and developmental
      vaccines. Dynavax's HEPLISAV(TM) and SUPERVAX hepatitis B vaccines are both
      produced using the inventor's technology, as are its hepatitis B therapies
      currently in preclinical development.

      So both produced at the same time

    • IF, ("IF" I say) Supervax did become Heplisav, then we know where "Supervax" is today.
      However, IF Supervaz did NOT become Heplisav, then why?, where? and what? are all still valid questions.

      Yet another puzzle piece for all of my other ones; if it was approved for marketing and sales via 3rd party in South America (i.e. Argentina), then what in God's name happened to THAT?
      Does Dynavax see any revs from that today? Did they let that slip away? Who approved this launch, marketying and sales???

      Stranger, and stranger, and still even stranger........

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