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  • wind_breaker_86 wind_breaker_86 May 10, 2003 5:29 AM Flag

    This is the BUSH DEPRESSION!

    You sound like a commie pinco liberal left
    wing baby killing dumokrap.

    It ain't no was a rescession
    caused mostly by the telecom and dot com
    collapse which was caused by the fact that
    they were over built and needed a correction...then 9/11 which could have been
    prevented if your ass/hole buddy Bill Cliton
    (I did not have sex with that woman)had been
    minding the store instead of frigging every
    skirt he could get in the oval office. Would
    you trust that MF with your wife?

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    • This is the BUSH DEPRESSION!

      US Population ________291,000,000

      BLS stats below with their attempt to cover up the degree of unemployment.

      Civilian labor force_____145,829,000
      Not in labor force______ 74,280,000

      According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 137 milion out of 291 million Americans are employed.

      That means 154 Million Americans do not have jobs. Of course that does not discount those who are too young or too old to work. Of that 154 million, approximately 39 million are under 16, over 65 or disabled and thus can�t work.

      Damn, that leaves 115 Million that are unemployed! Almost half the people who are capable of working and want to work CAN'T!

      This IS a Horrible, HORRIBLE Depression!

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