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  • asc_henry asc_henry Apr 20, 2004 1:05 PM Flag

    Re: VZ proxy voting

    This is the Yahoo! Message Board about Bell Atlantic Corp (NYSE: BEL), where you can discuss the future prospects of the company and share information about it with others. This board is not connected in any way with the company, and any messages are solely the opinion and responsibility of the poster.

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    • Whats this?

    • i'm aware of the merger but how is the chart showing the stock price able to go back for several years. Thanks again


    • Yea, that was vague. I thought you were upset
      about the law suit and was just saying that everybody
      wants to sue everyone. There's been a push in the
      Congress towards "TORT" re-form but I'm cautious when
      hear some of the horror stories where people probably
      deserve to get whatever they can.

    • Seidenberg will be 60 this December. Is that still mandatory retirement for the Chairman, it was for Ray Smith, or did Ivan change the rules and not follow the process when it came to himself? Babbio is 61.

    • Normally I keep my postings here to the topic of Verizon but wanted the MB to know about these two new FDA approved drugs. If you or someone you know has Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes you should speak to you physician about Byetta for Type 2 and Symlin for Type 1.

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      If you are a VN veteran who has diabetes you are covered by the VA for disability as AO has been identified as a cause of diabetes even if you were not directly exposed.

      Most health plans cover both drugs.

      Hope this helps someone.

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      • Thx. I just love all these new drugs. One in particular cures discolored toenails. I think pharmaceudical researchers stumbled onto this one while studying chemical compound effects on willing (paid) participants. No sense being embarrased by those discolored toenails now that this designer drug is available. Side affects may include dizziness, headaches, nausia, diaharea, vommitting, high blood pressure, sexual impotency, and liver damage. Do not take this drug if you are pregnant or diabetic because it can be lethal. Why tolerate those ugly toenails any longer?

    • Good guy but is now lost in the numbers, which figures since he is a math major. Then again the degree is from Pace, not MIT.....Time to retire.

      Business Week article: "Since the advent of the mainframe in the 1950s, companies have dreamed of using computers to manage their businesses. But early efforts came up short, with technology that was too costly or too clunky. Now, thanks to the Net and dashboards, those dreams are starting to come true. Forrester Research Inc. (FORR ) analyst Keith Gile estimates that 40% of the 2,000 largest companies use the technology. Some of the most prominent chief executives in the world are believers, from Steven A. Ballmer at Microsoft (MSFT ) and Ivan G. Seidenberg at Verizon Communications (VZ ) to Robert L. Nardelli at Home Depot (HD ). "The dashboard puts me and more and more of our executives in real-time touch with the business," says Seidenberg. "The more eyes that see the results we're obtaining every day, the higher the quality of the decisions we can make."

    • So you think that the money Ivan and Babbio get is as straight forward as you salary? Read this excerpt from Forbes and think again.

      "Verizon Vice Chairman and President Lawrence Babbio Jr. serves as a director of Aramark (nyse: RMK - news - people ) and, until leaving the compensation committee in February of this year, determined the salary and benefits for its chairman and chief executive, Joseph Neubauer. Neubauer, in turn, serves as a director of Verizon, and up until this year, when he vacated its Human Resources committee, determined Babbio's salary.

      Directors Richard Carrion and Walter Shipley joined Verizon's board in 1997. As a member of Wyeth's Nominating and Governance committee, Seidenberg likely played a role in selecting the two men for the pharmaceutical company's board three years later. Carrion and Shipley went on to serve on committees determining executive compensation in Wyeth and Verizon. John Stafford, former chairman and CEO of Wyeth, joined the Verizon board in 1997 and, as a member of its Human Resources Committee, helped determine Seidenberg's salary as well.

      There is no evidence of wrongdoing but one proposal in Verizon�s latest proxy asserted that the multiplicity of interlocking directorships and financial relationships between Verizon and its board members "render the board less than independent." The measure was rejected at Verizon's annual meeting. The New York Stock Exchange's proposed guidelines, awaiting the approval of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, require that listed companies have a majority of independent directors, something Verizon says it already has.

      Seidenberg may have other reasons to reconsider. In early June, the Corporate Library, a research firm that evaluates boards, listed Honeywell--where Seidenberg has served as a director since 1995--among its ten least effective boards in the U.S. Sadly for Seidenberg, the list also included Verizon."

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      • There is no evidence of wrongdoing but one proposal in Verizon�s latest proxy asserted that the multiplicity of interlocking directorships and financial relationships between Verizon and its board members "render the board less than independent."

        Yea, just like their business and compliance group. I like the No Tolerance Policy. That ones funny. Everyone in that group is connected and I'm sure fairness is the last thing on their mind.

      • Let them eat cake.
        Marie Antoinette

      • Excellent research and serves to further illuminate the true depth of nepotism and incest that is epidemic in American business when relating to the BOD�s and their performance and prejudice.

        If the BOD for VZ were truly independent and effective, would UpChuck still be on the payroll in any way? Doubtful. His contribution to the company since he sold us down Ivan private river has been nil.

        No member of a committee that is involved in any compensation decisions should be from a company where he shares a board position with anyone else on that BOD. No member in a position to determine compensation should be from a company that does business with VZ, other than perhaps to be their local telephone service provider.

        Every BOD member should be required to personally hold, and have purchased, a certain level of VZ stock. No board member should hold any committee chairperson or even membership position for more than two years.

        The BOD of VZ is an absolute joke and not the humorous kind of joke.


      • wow..thats an interesting article. thank you.

    • <EOM>

    • elimination of double taxation of dividends and tax relief for capital investment are his top two priorities for the tax reform bill. Both of these, if passed, will benefit Verizon.

    • He has been with VZ ever since Seidenberg gave up the job and that's a very long time. We get the same results every time which means the competition has him and his RHC buddies figured out as to connections, support in Congress etc. He is as distant from the Bush Administration as you can get in every way shape and form. We need a new VZ person in DC who has contacts that aren't so old they are non existant. Tauke is done and the better Ivan realizes it the better off VZ will be.

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