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  • cwamember cwamember Aug 24, 2004 12:54 PM Flag

    Comparison of Bush+Kerry military svc

    Flashman, you certaintly don't need me to but in here, but I am.

    "Unlike you, I do not spin. I didn't say that they attacked us. I said they were large a sponsor of these people."

    Oh really, just who are "these people" you refer to. Palestinians? Yes. Al Quaida No

    "The paid bombers families thousands of dollars to kill Jews." Yes he did. Did we go to war because of this? No

    "He used these wepons on his own people."

    Yes he did, on the Kurds during Papa Bush's administration. Did we go to war to avenge their deaths? No

    "That's where being proactive comes in. Do you really want to wait until he sold or gave these wepons away so they could be used against us?"

    What weapons? Mustard gas? Because of our 'proactivity" we have our people in Iraq with targets on their backs being killed with weapons of steet combat, AK-47's, RPGs and Road Side Bombs"

    "You really have to broaden your view and look down the road and not just look at who attacked us. You really have to look at their supporters. These countries who make the spit ball and have someone else throw it, are no less at fault as if they threw it themselves."

    If only that were true, it would justify our presence there.

    BTW, be careful with this logic. The great spit ball maker of all time is the USA. Just ask the Talaban in Afganistan for starters.

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