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  • notnab_otap notnab_otap Jan 2, 2006 11:33 AM Flag


    Well if the laws won't change, change the way you approach the law.

    Venture Seed 52 cable companies in 52 States. Re-sell FIOS TV in all 52 states through the seed companies based on FCC laws, until the PUC issues are over. Make each shell corporation's profit a penny a customer to make it legite.

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    • legal : of, created by, based upon, or authorized by law. in conformity with the positive rules of law; permitted by law. that can be enforced in a court of law.

    • Not in agreement with your passive BS. Besides you can do it with one Venture, not shell. You don't even need 52. The venture does not even have to have much in terms of infrastructure, because you outsorce it to verizon. The Venture has to be a cable company and will be subject to cable company requirements.

      Besides the pressure will force the hand of the PUCs. Don't try to quote technical BS either. This is nothing but business & politics.

      How do you think Bright House came to be ?

    • Good now you see the point.
      You wanted 52 shell companies to deal with 52 different state laws, so you could circumvent the law. Then you would have to deal with reintegrating these companies back in to parent company (VZ) when you get the law changed. All of this cost money and time and lawyers.
      You seem like the type of person that likes to take the short cut in life. Sometime you can get away with that but most of the time it cost you more time and money in the end.
      Just think if some managers would tell their upper levels that these ideas are bs. If enough managers had a backbone we would be further ahead in the telcom game, not the shell game. This is the problem, managers leading that know nothing about telcom making deceisions that have terminal effects.
      You cannot have managers who do not know the tec side of the business, with no experience, making tec decisions. This is exactly why VZ is where it is at today.

    • Exactly why the individual can't move past the problem.

      Just sits there spewing out shit.

    • Did you previously work for, mcip, enron, usair or are you a lawyer?
      Moves like this are what makes the country great. People complain about the union workers 2-3% raises, and their benefits, while accepting the ceo's, bod's and other high managements pay and benefit packages. Thinking like this is ok I guess, but what about all the money that we pay for the lobbyist and our pr people. We were suppose to have our people in at that White house and the congress 6 years ago. They have not delivered. Look at all the money we throw to each state for goodwill. How about when we take jobs from one state and move them to another to get a favorable ruling from their PUC? We go ld that way. Take a look at Texas they slapped our face with the Tv deals in the beginning. We should have move operations to another state and cut jobs in Texas. You have to reward those that help you and let the others know you will pull out. When their tax base takes a hit then the understand. Be a man, play the game the right way. Its only business. These same players gave enron and mcip breaks, only to have it broken off in them and the still loose taxes. They did not help their states.
      Shell companies, do not seem to fit in with VZ's ethics, if VZ has any ethics left.

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      • We have VCast...

        We have FIOS...

        We have wireless with VOD a European partner, not BLS...

        We have global IP...

        They have a new marketing firm !

      • Ethics has to do with the legal approach to business. Changing the way you approach the goal is sometimes more effective in the short term. Playing by the rules doesn't mean that you can't use the rules to your benefit when they exist. Staying within the bounds of the written law is always challengeable, which is why we have courts.

        This doesn't mean you pee on your communities. You service the customers and help them build their communities. In the business world you have to compete. Enron & Worldcom serve as examples of fraud which do not apply to practical business tactics. Legal is legal, fraud is fraud, and cheating is cheating.

        If you want to set the ground rules and you can�t follow them, then you have to change them. In the interim, you also have to honor them.

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