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  • batmav78 batmav78 Jan 25, 2006 5:33 AM Flag

    Stop the Rovemonkey

    here is no doubt that Bush has committed �impeachable offenses.� There is no doubt that millions of Americans � and tens of millions of people in other countries! � would jump for joy if he were to be impeached.

    Impeachment, in short, is one way that this regime full of fascists could be driven from power.

    The question we address here is how to change the political equation in this country so that Bush is forced to step down.

    To do that, there must be a political demand coming from the grassroots. There must be thousands, and then millions, in the streets demanding that Bush step down � and that the country change direction. �Power,� as the one-time slave and famous abolitionist Frederick Douglass once said, �concedes nothing without a struggle.�

    Without such struggle, there will be no impeachment. And without that happening soon, the momentum that currently exists to oust Bush will dissipate, and even the new outrages that have come to light will take on a patina of �legitimacy.� Millions must be awakened to the scope of Bush�s crimes and the danger of his agenda bringing need for him to go!


    Nationwide demonstrations are set for January 31 � the night of Bush�s State of the Union address � to be followed by a massive demonstration in Washington, D.C. on February 4. The demand? BUSH STEP DOWN.

    If you want Bush to go � if you want to see him impeached AND EVERY TRUE AMERICAN DOES!� this is where the gauntlet is. Here. Now. Pick it up.

    The world can�t wait for there to be more Abu Ghraibs and Alitos. The world can�t wait, lest the controversy over Iran turn into another unjust war, perhaps even more horrendous than the one still raging in Iraq. It can�t wait as the Bush regime claims more and more unbridled power � power to spy on people, to imprison without charges, to torture � without even going through the motions of obeying the law. For more theocrats to be put into positions of power � including in the military.

    Get involved. Donate. Organize. Spread the word. And be there.

    The world can�t wait.

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    • Did you bother to read the entire thing?

    • I believe that the college student who got pregnant because of a mistake and then tried to take her life paid quite a bit for that mistake.

    • No I don't. If someone doesn't want to have an abortion, I do not think that the government should force them to have one.

    • You have no clue as to my religious beliefs and you are definately not one to judge since you support outright murder of unborn children, not too much like Jesus there are you! My point is still valid, fear can be a positive emotion and behavior modifier.

      By the sounds of it Esey you would prefer no one ever be told no, that's illegal, or immoral and that there will be no consequences for anything they wish to do. As to your last ignorant and hypacritical point about forcing "their way of thinking on everybody else", isn't that exactly what your trying to do with your abortion views.

    • << ... Not forcing anything on you or anyone else.

      Do you have a persecution complex? >>>

      If you have been following the thread you would see that esey is looking to the government to make me pay for the results of other's decisions/actions, i.e. using OPM.

    • Having 'their whole life ruined' is all a matter of perspective. I know many people, including my parents that had 'unexpected' children and didn't allow that one event to ruin their entire life.

      If one such event can ruin an entire life, there likely wasn't much of a plan there to begin with and certainly no responsibility for those plans.

      My second child was not expected and certainly made finishing college and feeding everyone a lot harder, but we held on, worked hard, made allowances, loved the child and made a pretty good life in spite of that surprise. We accepted out lot, the responsibility for it and made the necessary changes in our life and life plans to accommodate the new addition. We survived. We thrived in fact.

      No, I do not think I am Jesus Christ, but I doubt he would agree with you on this issue. You exaggerate the impact of poor decisions by non-thinking people. Most often they will find a way to compensate. I would simply prefer that their compensation not come from my pocket.

    • preferred_stock_investor preferred_stock_investor Jan 27, 2006 12:48 PM Flag

      "But you think it's ok to have the government force your way of thinking on everyone else!"

      It seems to me that the government is allowing the individual to choose. Not forcing anything on you or anyone else.

      Do you have a persecution complex?

    • "To say that someone should have their whole life ruined because they made a mistake is disgusting."

      Sorry, Esey - your logic doesn't fly. Yes, you can make a mistake and ruin your whole life. You can sniff an inhalent and damage your brain; you can be involved in a robbery and serve time, you can write a libelous story and be sued for more than you own. You can make choices that ruin your life.

      I believe Christ said he would forgive us our sins, not take away the ramifications of them. Even the thief on the cross still died.

      As far as an abortion ruining your life, I disagree. If you do not want to raise the child, you can put it up for adoption. Some states even allow you to drop off a newborn at a hospital, no questions asked. One reason so many international adoptions are occuring is because there are so few domestic infants to adopt.

      If abortion will prevent one from entering into poverty, why do we have more poor people now than before abortion was widely legalized?

      A child should not have to die for the convenience of its parents, otherwise, we would be in favor of euthanasia for anyone at any time.

      This came across my desk yesterday, and if you have the stomache for it it is amazing:


    • <<To say that someone should have their whole life ruined because they made a mistake is disgusting.>>

      What is your definition of accountability?

    • <<I think that everyone should be allowed to follow their religion as they wish but they should not force their way of thinking on everybody else.>>

      But you think it's ok to have the government force your way of thinking on everyone else!

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