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  • mastersaysup mastersaysup Jan 25, 2006 9:50 AM Flag

    Verizon Superior Wireless Network


    Verizon's subs growth is impressive. The incremental profits are nice.

    Verizon is the ultimate undervalued DOW stock. A 5% plus dividend is a nice kicker.

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    • hey phoneman 72:

      Is that all you got old man????? Crackin on grammar in a message board????? Pathetic!!!! I love people who have no come back so they pull out the red pencil so they have something to say. I see it all the time. And yes it's because I don't spell check and grammar check my responds. Sorry it's my public education coming out. Coward!!!!

      Well at least we know the wireless employee can not spell, or for proper sentences

    • phoneman_72,

      Did you mean �form� proper sentences? ; )

      Re: Telecomtech
      by: phoneman_72 (52/M/nj) 01/30/06 06:23 pm
      Msg: 148149 of 148165

      Well at least we know the wireless employee can not spell, or for proper sentences.

      Posted as a reply to: Msg 148051 by get_in_line_time

    • eit16w2003,

      Nice try. I�m certain that the salary and commission structure is competitive with other retail sales jobs. I seriously doubt that anyone working in one of your retail stores is making minimum wage. If the situation is what you say it is, then it should be relatively easy to unionize these employees. So why are you all having problems getting the union in?

    • Well at least we know the wireless employee can not spell, or for proper sentences.

    • Benefits? Really? Where?

    • You don't know what your talking about. If that was the case you would be working there.

    • vzwatching,

      If I may interject, the company is not �blocking� the union; the EMPLOYEES are rejecting the union. The employees don�t want to be unionized; respect their whishes.

      The union did not build the company; hard-working employees built the company. The hard-working employees would have done the job regardless of the presence of the union. The company pays for the equipment, training/retraining, wages, and benefits.

      Re: Telecomtech
      by: get_in_line_time 01/28/06 08:43 pm
      Msg: 147972 of 148102

      Not the company, the employee's are blocking it. WE DONT WANT TO BE UNION!!!! Why can't you understand that!!!!

      Posted as a reply to: Msg 147958 by vzwatching

    • Either that or a bad case of Corporate Apologist fever. ; )

    • I did thank you. Thanks for keeping the engine idling all these years. We'll take over from here.

      replying to:

      We could go around and around on this. You doearn more money on the wireless side of the business, and your benefits are sorely lacking behind the wireline side.

      You live in fantasyland. Remember each day you go to work that it was the wireline side of this business that funded your existence.

      Again, all we ask for is a thank you.

    • "The Wireless segment is becoming self-supporting because the NON-UNION workers are happy! Wall Street loves happy, productive, NON-UNION employees, IMVHO! ; )"

      Try stopping by a VZ Wireless store on a
      Sunday. Guarantee you won't see many smiling
      faces. Maybe it's the minimum wage with no
      O/T or Sunday differential that keeps them on the rag.

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