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  • yahoo yahoo Jul 18, 2006 12:36 PM Flag

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    • are you on drugs or something?

      first of all, the $300 rebate that they gave to 95 million people set the country back by $28.5 billion. That money needed to be in the government surplus, after that happened, there was nothing left because bush just wasted it away.

      and what are these millions of jobs and where are they? McDonalds paying $6 or $7 an hour?

      you need to look at the big picture

    • You gotta hand it to whomever "planted" the "body fluids" from Bubba on that blue dress-- Now THERE was genius-- Do you suppose Rove was behind that?

    • So was Monica Lewinsky

    • interest rates were on the way down during clintons admin

    • "Had your impeached and disbarred buddy Bill taken out UBL when he was offered to him..."
      The current CIA director reports he knows where Laden is right now.

      "Bush's low interest rates..." Then, I suppose you're saying that Bush is going to jack up interest rates for the 9th time a �% later this month. Gonna be news to Greenspan, as he'll figure that's the duty of the Federal Reserve.

      "The surplus meant nothing to me other than the government collected too much in taxes from us in the past."

      The surpluses were entirely in Social Security receipts, so apparantly, you are in favor of using Social Security taxes to run the regular government and then reduce SS later on. Even the Republicans are running away from this, with their latest proposal to use any future Social Security surpluses for personal accounts instead of financing your tax cut. That sounds very interesting, but one needs to look under the hood on this one. The current Social Security system provides for cost-of-living increases. This SS proposal is interesting only if participants have the option of obtaining Treasury Inflation Protection Securities (TIPS), to provide a similiar inflation protection for the following reasons.

      According to President Bush himself, the economy should grow at 3.4%.
      But, according to Treasury Secretary Snow, the federal borrowing is 3.5% of GDP.
      So it would seem the entire growth in the economy has been borrowed. President Bush had a prescription drug plan for seniors, but no funding mechanism. I think we're beginning to get into uncharted waters concerning this deficit business. One way out of the deficits in the future would be simply to print money, which would cause inflation, so this proposal for individual SS participants to hold government debt better have some inflation protection. Anyone see any other way out of the deficits other than by cheaping the debt through inflation? That'll roil the banks holding low interest morgtages however. A rock and a hard place.

      This economy kinda reminds me of the Nasdaq in the late 1990's where we were told that it's a new economy, and earnings didn't matter, and so forth. It took forever, but earnings wound up mattering. Now, this borrowed recovery, where deficits upon deficits, year after year doesn't matter, and where we can borrow, whether to finance a war in Iraq or enact a prescription plan for the elderly or confer tax cuts, will in time matter. So, I think the good times today are going to cost us tomorrow, big time.

    • Jennifer Flowers... republican plant! Kathleen willey...plant! Jenny Jones...plant! Monica lewinsky...plant! Robert...plant!~

    • If you can't take it get lost.

    • Your response is inane. You cannot be objective. You are now on ignore.

    • 1) Keeping us safe: Sure. And had the 3,000 NOT died the way they did, you and the ACLU would have gone apeshit if this administration had detained 19 poor sweet musilm foreigners BEFORE they had a chance to do anything. I can almost hear the cries of "let them go - they didn't do anything!", "racist!", and "Nazi!" now (ok... you still holler "Nazi" anyway, granted). How many terrorist incidents have we had on our soil since?

      2) Keeping interest rates low: Just like I'm sure you'll tell me Clinton had nothing to do with the economy in the 90's, right? Al Gore invented the Internet, and that's why we saw the dot-com economic boom, right?

      3) Keeping housing costs low: you're right there - not Bush's fault.

      4) Tax cut: Thank you - yes I did enjoy my $800 (not $300) check. Guess that's $800 less that the government will have to give to the California welfare mom at the Michael Jackson trial with 8 kids and no job to support her crack habit.

      5) Freeing Millions: I'll meet you 1/2 way on this one. I'm happy the millions of Afghanis and Iraqis are getting to enjoy freedom because of us, but fine with me if you want to seal our own boarders. Tired of helping people and then listen to them bitch about what they're given. "Ah, but they have oil"? Yeah, so does your hair. What's that supposed to mean? Oh... that we went over there to steal their oil? I see. Is that why gas prices are so high right now... because of all that oil booty we nabbed? How much have we gotten our hands on to date, corp?

      6) Bottom feeding lawyers: I thought everyone loved those guys. How are you supposed to make a living if you can't get a good lawyer to sue Wendy's for the severed finger you planted in their chili?

    • He's keeping us safe. Notwithstanding your dopey comments about the demonstrated and proven liar Richard Clark. Had your impeached and disbarred buddy Bill taken out UBL when he was offered to him on a platter none of this would have happened at all.
      The highest cost of home ownership is the mortgage payment itself and it's the lowest of all time. Greenspan is a reporter of the government's economic results. Bush's low interest rates and tax cuts have created millions of new jobs since 9/11.
      Take a look at your tax return and the rebates there's much more there than $300. The surplus meant nothing to me other than the government collected too much in taxes from us in the past.
      If you like Cuba so much why don't you go there and work on a collective farm or sit in your '54 Ford (their new model)all day. My point is still valid, Bush and the true Americans and military who support him have freed millions.
      If you went to a doctor who cut off your wrong leg you deserve to have your head examined by the same doctor and maybe he'll follow the same procedures.

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