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  • corppigwatcher corppigwatcher Jun 23, 2005 9:39 AM Flag

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    Yes, Clinton was impeached but he was NOT CONCICTED! Try to be a little objective for a change. IMHO if Clinton had done the things that Bush has, The Republicons would have been looking for the tallest tree to string him up. I believe history will show Bush to be the absolute worst president in the history of the country. Just look at the facts. He turned a trillion dollar surplus into a huge deficit that is putting a tremendous strain on our economy and will saddle our children and their children with this burden. Worst of all he started an unjust war (Iraq, not Afghanistan)and should be held accountable for the deaths of over 1,700 of our troops and untold number of innocent Iraqi citizens. Then, when all of the evidence suggests otherwise, he says things are getting better. We have a deranged man at the helm. God help us!

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