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  • idiot_bush_120 idiot_bush_120 Mar 3, 2008 6:35 PM Flag

    So, who said this about the RepubliCON Bush Tax Cuts?


    So who said this on the Senate floor about the RepubliCON Bush Tax Cuts?

    "I cannot in good conscience support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us, at the expense of middle-class Americans who most need tax relief."

    A. Barack Obama
    B. Hillary Clinton
    C. John McCain

    c - The old straight Talk Express himself - John Sidney McCain! Can you say political expediency and FLIP FLOP since today he rants in every stump speech about making them permanent!

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    • And as for number 4.. if a woman has 4 children already... ans has not figured out what is causing them..

      Maybe she should be sterilized,, for stupidity....

    • Every one of your statement on abortion...

      Account for less than 1 in 100,000 abortions...

      By GAO statics,, Under Clinton..

      And Guess what,, you know your statements are all false,,, why,, because you committed slander... accusing Air of incest. ..

      Positive proof... your are both a idoit,, and a liar... and you do not even believe what you post..

    • Gee, lets start with a subject not even mentioned in my previous message, why not! Are you afraid of the other questions? Abortion is not even in the top ten of most voters polled and we all know how you liberals like polls.

      Let's start with abortion! Are you against abortion in the following cases?

      1. A pregnancy in cases of rape or incest? Yes, allow it.

      2. Health of the mother at stake? Yes, allow it.

      3. Life of the mother at stake? Yes, allow it.

      4. The mother in cases two or three already has three or four young children depending on her? Yes, allow it.

      5. How about the morning after pill? No, it is an out for people to screw around and gives them a get out jail free card in case they were stupid.

      6. Should a minor girl require her incestuous father's approval to have an abortion? If there is proven or heavy evidence of incest, no...if not yes, she is a minor.

      7. Is it totally a sanctity of life issue for you? No!

      8. What's your stance on the Death Penalty? All for it. Automatic appeals to ensure that a fair trial was held are fine, but not 10-15 or more appeals based on legal bullshit and taking 10-20 years of judicial time and money. If convicted and two appeals fail to produce any new evidence against the guilt, kill the bastards.

      That's about as honest as it get dumb-ass.

    • Ever notice how the loudest liberals crying about the poor conditions of the poor, lazy and uneducated are typically the richest liberals on the list? Ever notice how it is not their money they want to give away to the poor, it is ours? Ever notice how the liberals are the first to defend folks that came here illegally because they are so oppressed in their own country, then those that came here illegally never want to leave behind the life and habits that kept them oppressed?

      There is no liberal common sense. Common sense would require that they think about everyone not just to poor and oppressed that they seem to cherish so is because there are so many of them because of their giveaway mentality that they can't win an election without their votes? Yeah, there ya go, at election time you see the liberals pander to the poor and downtrodden but then ignore them when it comes to their beloved ear marks.

      Sorry SOB's!

      This election is not about the war, it is about the economy and the liberals want to tax us even more on top of the faster than inflation rising gas, medical and housing costs. The liberals want socialized medicine, we don’t need that. We have the best doctors, hospitals and insurance coverage in the world; it just is not affordable to the working people any longer.

      The problem is not health care, it is AFFORDABLE health care. Medicare and other medical welfare programs are a bust because all the providers figured out that sucking from the government tit is more rewarding; we increase the size of the tit and those same folks just get richer and the cost continue to rise. A true recipe for financial disaster.

    • Fact,, compared to Hillary,, Mccain looks like a conservative..

      But to most of the people in the republican party ,, He is a RINO..

      So the very fact that you HATE him so much.. shows just how much you need to get some serous mental help...

      Kerry lost.. Gore lost.. Hillary lost.. and Obama will lose....


    • I'll tell you IDIOT, I'm starting to feel sorry for you. You spend so much of your time caught up with this stuff, trying to make other people angry about Republicans etc. Most of us just don't care that much. If our choice for President wins, thats great. If not, life goes on. No big deal really. I don't think I have ever seen anyone like you before. Perhaps a new hobby or friends? Start running. Learn to play golf? See some movies.
      Good grief IDIOT, you really need some help! What happens when OBAMA wins and still your government doesn't make you happy?
      Then what???????????????????????????/

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