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  • air4099 air4099 May 19, 2008 9:21 AM Flag

    Obama the trojen


    Let’s make a list of what Obama has proclaimed as “off the table”:
    1. His wife and anything she says.
    2. His admitting that he would negotiate with Iran with no preconditions.
    3. Hamas’ approval of him
    4. His middle name and the fact that he went to a madrassa when he was in Kenya
    5. His reverend and his bigoted church
    6. His domestic policies
    7. His foreign policies
    8. His suggestion of instant unconditional withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
    9. His inexperience.

    Am I missing anything?

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    • Learn how to spell "trojan". Hope someone as ignorant as you uses one. Wouldn't want you having offspring.

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    • corppigwatch, since McCain favored the gasoline tax suspension (although he would not restore the lost revenues by taxing the oil companies) Hillary had every reason to think that Republicans and Democrats would join together to pass that legislation. Sometimes even if a person doesn't have the official power, if he or she brings up something to the public, it can be done. It is similar to using the bully pulpit. You bring something up. It gets public attention and it starts to build up public support. Unfortunately Obama wanted to use it against her and so he didn't join in. As a matter of fact he used it against her for political reasons. The media as usual went with Obama. Why was she pandering and yet when Obama makes a promise in his ads to cut people's taxes, he is not pandering? He was doing that in his ads at the same time as he was saying that she was pandering.

    • ......

    • esey, My point was that Hillary had no way to inforce a gas tax holiday. She simply could't get it done. As I said, I like her, but she was pandering on this one. As far as voting for McCain, From what I've gleened from your prior posts, I think McCain would be the antithisis of someone you would vote for. I give up. I don't understand anyone anymore.

    • Corppigwatch, I thought that her suggestion of a temporary suspension of the gasoline tax was a good idea. It seems like such a small amount of money if you are not one of those families who are struggling financially. If a family saves $30 because of the 3 month suspension of that tax, it could help them buy shoes or clothing for their child when he or she returns to school in the fall or it might pay for another pound of ground beef every week. In addition I heard some economists say that it was a bad idea because the state of Indiana suspended their gasoline tax temporarily a few years ago and the cost of gasoline went up. They didn't mention the fact that when the tax was restored, the cost of gasoline continued to go up. In other words suspending the tax didn't cause the price to go up. It was going to go up anyway. In addition the Democrat candidate for Governor of Indiana would like to suspend the tax again. I believe that there are other states that might consider doing so also. So the savings for struggling families would even be more. I think that Hillary was bashed unfairly for her proposal.
      I cannot vote for Obama if he is the candidate because I think that he could make things even worse. I don't believe everything has to be either to the far right or to the far left. I believe that Hillary did the right thing when she voted to give Pres. Bush the authority to go to war. I believe that since it worked and Saddam finally got scared and said that we could send anybody we want and that they could go anywhere to look for WMDS, Bush did not have to rush to war. Obama bashed Hillary for that vote as well as her vote declaring Iran's army to be a terrorist organization. I am concerned that he
      will send the message to countries such as Iran that he won't care and so they can do whatever they want. That could cause a disaster. I prefer Hillary but if Obama is the candidate I have to consider voting for McCain. I think that McCain will not rush to war if it is not necessary the way that Bush did.

    • esey,First, let me say that I'm an admirer of Hillary. I have been in her presence on three occasions. I've always told Hillary haters that she know the issues and when I spoke with her, I really believed she was sincere. I didn't like her ploy with the gas tax suspension. Mainly because there is no way for her to get it done. I think that hurt her. Anyway, it looks like a done deal. Obama is going to be the nominee. So let's get behind him. We cannot afford another four years of RepuliCON rule!

    • Corppigwatch, one of the questions I have been asking is why did Obama bash Hillary over her vote to declare Iran's army a terrorist organization. I wanted to know if it is because he doesn't believe that Iran had been shipping weapons into Iraq. If that is not the reason, then what is the reason since the vote did not give Bush the authority to go to war with Iran. I asked this question of two men who are working for Obama's campaign. It was at a forum of my local newspaper's website. Neither of them could answer my question. I wanted to know the answer because it seems to show that he will be sending the message to Iran that it can do whatever it wants to do if Obama is the President. Sometimes in order to avoid a war, you need to carry a stick. John Kennedy understood that and Obama is no John Kennedy.
      I also have seen him attack Hillary in many other ways unfairly. For instance he laughed at her proposal to have a temporary suspension of the gasoline tax and said that will not solve the problem of the high price of gasoline. The fact is that was not the only plan that Hillary had to try to deal with that problem She listed a lot of plans with specific details, but he made it sound like she had no other ideas. There is so much more.

    • trojan. you missed an a.

    • "Am I missing anything?"

      Yeah... brains. You have none.

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