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  • jdubbs77 jdubbs77 Aug 1, 2008 9:24 AM Flag

    Unions picket v. Verizon

    wonder why they are fighing for medical ... look at them all overweight.. how do these ppl get up the poles? AMAZING .. fill ur prexcriptions today

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    • Actually out of 50 people who were hired with me at Verizon last year 30 of them gained 10 lbs or more. (I workout 10 hrs per week so I didn't). Seriously, I don't mind when we are required to work overtime and overtime on our off days but Verizon can you at least provide for a ten minute break every three hours. Next time you get a spaced out agent on the phone you know why.
      I'm the most cooperative person out there but I feel like management has a policy of no cooperation. It's hard to cooperate with a party that has that policy. I need this job so bad so I will continue to be your slave, but I will do a better job if after four hours looking at the computer I could do five minutes of stretches.

    • Who are you? Why are you so hostile toward thousands of people you don't even know? You constantly say the most uneducated things, and I believe it is just to get a rise out of the Verizon workers. Why are they fighting for healthcare? Hmm, do YOU have healthcare? If so, why? I would assume the same reasons go for anyone else. The whole country is overweight, should they all lose their healthcare coverage? Honestly, you are one of the most ignorant people I have ever encountered.

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