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  • vzcotec vzcotec Aug 3, 2008 10:05 AM Flag

    We should walk, WildCat

    What has the union done for those $800 plus dues?
    The time for talk was up last night. We are getting BS'ed from both sides.
    What about Roth 401k's, cash outs, and that ISP has not kept up with inflation. The health care issues have been cut in the past with the "managed care" by the plans. Sick time hase been restricted by the plans. Jobs have been shifted and call centers have been shuffled. Downsizing at target locations keeps on occuring. All the time these things are happening and the Union Fiddles while the core members burn.
    What has the Union accomplished. I don't need BS you talk the talk, walk the walk. I'm not seeing anything we as members gained by playing the same game as we did 5 years ago!
    Don't give me the BS that we made progress. Progress was supposed to be made before midnight. Time for talk is over time for action is NOW!
    No signing bonus, no 5 year contract, action is what is needed.
    It is time to walk!

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    • Well its been one week of PROGRESS!
      The only thing that seems to have changed is that all the people who took the 1st week of August off to avoid the strike added to a blacklog for the Company.
      Can anyone tell me what the Communication workers have gained in the past week?
      Like I said in the past, a good month long stike would be good for everyone, the company and the union. It would show the need for each other. We are only talking about less that 40% of the VZ work force. Management comming in from other areas can learn on the job in the east. Their areas employees will get to earn more while they are out in the east. This will also show the company where they can cut the management work force in the other parts of VZ. The old if you don't need them today, then you don't need them tommrow, remember the old business school MBA courses. Working managers mistakes will be like contractors mistakes. They will not be around when their mistakes are found out and have to be corrected. The managers that they will be working for will forget about their work and just be glad to have the system troubles fixed. These second and third levels will not be tracking results of these replacement workers. They will only, as usual be looking at their numbers, as in the past. The only thing that will be show is which parts of the system that have suffered from cost cutting.
      Now if the Union does not stay out or comes back to its employees with some bougus contract then I hope to GOD that the membership will vote NO, and stay out.

      "We and the union leadership have been making consistent progress and have resolved most of the important issues. This has been a complex process involving several bargaining tables and a number of local matters, which we are respectfully addressing. Verizon is committed to continuing to negotiate as long as it takes to complete the process."
      I have news for the Verizon and the Union the employees are the LEADERSHIP we have the VOTE. So far it is NO, you said PROGRESS and as I see it the MEMBERS have seen no decent update or any PROGRESS, there for it is a NO vote when it comes.
      You would have to bring a decent contract to the MEMBERSHIP nothing less! NO gas cards, no 5 year contracts, no 2 tier, no bonuses, get it right on NO vote!

    • Well does anyone beleive that we made Progress?
      Almost two days past the contract dead line and what? Nothing! It appears that their is some feathering of the CWA nest going on. Is the union getting any thing for the CWA communication members? Obviously the committee does not know what those memebers want.
      I am almost ready to vote NO on any contract, just on pure principle. Automatic NO votes would be a 5 year contract, a signing bonus, to start with and other stupid HR items.
      I wish we could stand together as members all vote NO to show the union and company that we don't like the way we are being informed. A no vote with a motion to replace the bargaining committee. Put in a new committee in the barganing unit, with the past and present members intrests as the prime negotiating point.
      Yes, we are still in that fog, still waiting and losing patience, after all the so called talk time. You call this progress? In all my years I have never seen the company so sure that the union was not going to walk. Does this seem to be a fair statement for all you old timers? We fought far to long to have this type of barganing going on today.

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      • In the fog. 100% correct. I have no faith in this union anymore.

      • You are absolutely correct. Rumor's abound, but it would not suprise me to see the union cave in to a two tier system, where some members will have job protection, and other's will not. Once again, selling the junior members down the river. If this happens, its the beginning of the end. The company will continue to dimimish the union ranks thru retirement packages, all the while increasing the new hires over time with little or no job protection. The sad part is, if this scenario were to play out, the rank and file, will ratify it, as it will only affect a small portion of the unionized work force today.

    • LOL! Please let this union believe that their dues is being well handled. Please let them think that whatever contract is put before them is just. Please let them believe that their union leaders have their best interest at heart.


      LOLOLOLOLOLOL! See you in the caribbean; leaving in 12 days!

    • I'm not about the Wildcat thing but you're absolutley right. We accomplished near nothing 5 yers ago and we are about to do it again. Striking would hurt our families in the short term but this isn't about now.

    • Verizon Bargaining Update, 11 am, Sunday Aug. 3
      August 3, 2008
      Negotiations are continuing. Updates will be posted as developments warrant.

      THIS TELLS THE MEMBER A LOT! A lot of nothing.
      Your making PROGESS? It is like the progress you made 5 years ago? No to a 5 year contract! No to a signing bonus! Don't get ripped by HR again! Who has anything from that siging bonus? That stuff is just plan bull, they sold Christ for 40 pieces of silver! THINK!
      The company has profited from the union members in the past. Today we are doing more with fewer employees and are being more productive. Yet we are not sharing in the wealth. The Union has let the company get away with this just like the let the company got away with the execessive profits from the retirement plans. Remember when the company did not have to fund the plans for years, yes years! Did the union ask for a precentage for the employees no. Did the company give any of that execessive money to the employees? The government forced the company to pay out more to the retirees. The Government, Not the Union! Then the company learned to take losses to drive down the share price to keep the the plan funds from gaining. Now ERISA watches closer. Look at the losing deals that the company has made. How was that the union members fault. Yet the unions did not force the point.

      Its time CWA started to take care of their core COMMUNICATION members. You know the ones that are in the communications field had have funded them with their dues thru the years!
      We watched as the company took the execessive profits from the retirement plans and plowed the cash back into the business. The members never received anything for the monies that started VZW, VZB. All of us worked for those gains and what have we received? PROGRESS? Ivan made money though and that others made money and benefits. I would say they made out better in the last 5 years than the memebers. I would call that PROGESS!
      The only Progress we have made with the company is what we have force the company to give as fair compensation thru wages and benefits. The company has given us NOTHING!
      Yet the union call this PROGRESS! You had plenty of time already, time ran out at midnight. No PROGESS has been made. You have not sent anything out to the members or the locals. Its time to walk.
      Let the managers work the job for a while. Let them deal with the fiber, the muxes the offices. Let them see how they cut the core business. Let them find the spare parts. We all know the system would not last like in the past.
      Yes its time to walk!

    • It has gotten all of you s hitbums overpaid that is what it has done. Walk by the Vz building in Boston any given day a pack of drunks,drug addicts, and losers. When you go to bed at night thank God for a union.
      Why do you think Fairpoint and one communications are doing so well. Because they can fire their losers.

    • It is an interesting idea; but not a good one. Back in the hayday of CWA in NYTel, there was 25,000 'engineers' on the payroll plus real supervision who knew the jobs ready to fill during a "work stoppage." Most were trained and ready to pick-up a tool bag when the call came. Of course there was a ton of customer equipment out in the field that needed to be maintained plus high maintenance CO equipments; none of the COAM or ESS/VOIP stuff you have today. A strike while not really accomplishing a whole heck of a lot, did stop the Company in its tracks and caused the Customers real pain. But not the same situation today with the bulk of the money coming in from wireless and other lines of business. Yes, you might slow down new construction (FiOS),some new service orders and PO some top bus customers, but not going to have the same impact on the CUSTOMER -- who called the PSC and the Governor they way it did way back then. In short, no leverage.

      Wildcat ... only going to hurt yourself.

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      • Good call-- I remember back in the "old" days before everyone had cell phones- If the union was on strike there were priority lists kept for installations- People who needed phones installed provided "proof" they needed service and a list was kept according to the severity of the need- Now, who cares about a landline phone??

    • Well by not striking it gives time for Verizon to further prepare in the event of a strike. Also allows fios in nyc to rollout more smoothly. Later for a strike is a worse time. What's the new deadline now?

    • You first.
      lead by example.

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      • Wildcat, great idea - NOT!!

        Lead by example, let's see a COT put feet on the street.

        If the T-6 & CWA is comfortable with the progress then I'm comfortable following their advice. There will there be areas that could of been better addressed, definitely. I'm sure there are things I like to change, but you and I elected then to speak for us. If you don't like your contract then show you can do better. You have the right to run for union office, but most who speak up won't step up.

        OK who's got real contract details?

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