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  • b12s_slurpy b12s_slurpy May 22, 2009 3:30 PM Flag

    Obama coming after VZ's SURCHARGES NEXT!!!!

    VZ been ripping people off for years!!!!

    Obama got ur number VZ scumbags!!!!!

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    • Great, maybe BO will be able to reduce VZ to
      rubble, then on to the next bastion of capitalism. Eventually, the whole system could
      come down and you and the rest of your dumb dumb
      society can bow down to the new leadership from
      Iran or maybe Korea, Venuzuela ???? that's exactly
      how you guys post .. just like the hippies from
      the 60's ... let's bring the big bad system,
      then what ???? forage in the wild ??? I doubt
      that more than 1% of the US population has
      the skills.
      I really believe that BO will be doing very
      much of the liberaltards expected , so far,
      he seems to be doing what is necessary, rather
      than to attempt to fulfill the fantasies of
      a bunch of left wing nuts !!!! Besides, VZ, or
      any other successful big cap, will find another
      way to generate revenues, after all, the
      surcharges were build up as a result of something else having been taken way preciously. The US economic system is basically undergoing a period of rapid evolution, a cleansing, if you will and it
      will get rolling again. I believe that it's
      much better to face the system, accept what
      cannot be changed and move on, to stand and
      fight is to lose ..... later and good luck.
      PS ... since you are so down on VZ, I would
      expect that you do not own any VZ shares,bonds,
      or warrants ... so why are you wasting time
      posting about something that you do not like.
      if you do own VZ paper, why not sell it, you
      don't like it, right ??????

    • Surcharges are taxes. It would be refreshing if Barry were to fix that. It would be the first tax he has fixed, and probably the last.

    • It's FACT because YOU said it?? I ain't so sure. How about some detail here, shorty?

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