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  • corppigwatcher corppigwatcher Aug 8, 2011 1:34 PM Flag


    You do not understand the significance of this fight. The corporatists are attempting to destroy the middle class. This would be a huge win for them. For ALL workers sake, we cannnot let that happen. This is going to be an epic battle and all measures must be considered, i.e. picketing, including VZ Wireless locations, mobile picketing, contacting politicians, educating the general public on exactly what Verizon is trying to do to its "valued" employees, and whatever other creative things that may come to mind.

    It's time for all workers, Union and non-Union to resist corporate America's assault on the middle class. It's time to FIGHT and fight we will!

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    • here in connecticut working for att the cwa did nothing for us in connecticut 2 years ago and now we are paying for our medical insurance,150 dollars a month for a family of 4 ...the national with larry cohen sold us down the river,one union 1 fight was his motto but with 150000 employees without a contract all the distriicts fell 1 by 1,we never had a chance instead of waiting for all the districts they settled without each other... do not trust your national led by larry cohen they did nothing for us in our fight with att 2 years ago a company who postd profits of over 23 billion dollars we support all our brothers in sister in verizon but watch out for the cwa national they screwed us over big time and we wont forget,the cwa sucks just ask anyone who works for att

    • Amen Brother!

    • These "bashers" are VZ management that have been screwed for years and are jealous of all the benefits we get that were stripped from them. Pay them no mind. Dont even respond to them. They are just angry alcoholic losers that beat their wife, kids and dogs.

    • You don't get it. There are thousands without jobs and you scum are arguing over healthcare. Why not pay your fair share. After all, you make darn good salaries and there are so many people in this country who would trade in a instant to have a job. You are an ungrateful piece of scum.

    • Even if I misspelled (ha,ha) if that's all you notice watch the spelling of your medical coverage after 30 days I'll give you a clue 00000 oh My bad i spelled wrong i meant zero! And you how to spell the name of the coverage you'll have to pay let me spell that for you cobra so you might as well pay into you medical while you have one because I hope you don't think cobra has top notch coverage

    • As a retired union, ex-union and gov't employee I am here to tell the unions that you are all wrong in trying to brain wash the non-union workers to support you.
      Union is only good for the union member, fantastic for the union leaders and no one else.
      You the unions bring hardship and fear to the non union people. Your tools are threats, intimidation and violence to get your demands and they usualy work.
      The hards ship you bring to the non union people are: Raise the cost of living; raise taxes; reduce employment; and increase the number of poor people.
      Union lets tell it like it is.
      --a past member of union and gov't.

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      • As a retired union, ex-union and gov't employee I am here to tell YOU that you are wrong. History's lesson is unions are a positive force for creating and maintaining upward mobility. The few unions left in the USA still impact worker rights and protections for all employees. In the Federal Government unions protected employees from criminal and psychotic managers when the IG and legal staff were afraid to act - my dues, as a manager who supported unions, was a very good value.

      • Your right the union is the last dinosaur trying to tell it's member's they invented the wheel when everybody else has been allready driving. union members better catch up and get on the bus.

    • You know what happened to dinosaurs?

    • If you want FREE healthcare in this country, you should be on Obamacare. End of story.

      Do you Verizon workers realise how SPOILED you sound to the rest of the country??

    • I agree that this is an attack on the middle class.
      Corporations don't care about the workers anymore, they only care about the bottom line. You are right to want to fight for your rights, but if the union sells you out, What can you do? When the water gets too hot Ron Collins and Larry Cohen and th CWA will sell out, just as they did for the post 2003 employees who got screwed. Just wait and see!!!! 3 weeks and they will concede.....

    • Shills? LOL

      I am a FORMER CWA member (By choice. I started in a CWA shop, FORCED to join union, Closed Shop state and was told by my boss I couldn't get better raises which he wanted to give me cause the UNION rules forbade it. I couldn't move up in the company as senority was only thing that mattered. It didn't matter how good i was at my job, the guy on 3rd shift who brought in a sleeping bag for his shift apparently would be promoted before me as he had senority...LOL)

      Disgusted I went to work for another company. After it was bought out by Worldcom a place that could have used CWA protections.. Was told the shop was too small ..about 30 workers and they told us to PI$$ OFF, basically they couldn't make enough money off of us

      So I have found CWA through personnal EXPIERENCE to protect the lazy, LOWER pay to make everyone equal to the LOWEST common denominator, and uninterested in the middle class unless they can skim off enough to make big bucks!

      UNIONS are just AS scummy as corporate America. Actually worse they have good ideals they parrot and then turn their back on them for a buck! At least corporate America is HONEST in their greed!

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