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  • rlp2451 rlp2451 Aug 19, 2011 10:16 AM Flag

    CWA Recruits Retirees to Place Meaningless Calls

    Reading from prepared scripts and calling at predesignated times, retirees of the Communications Workers of America (CWA) are the newest recruits in the union’s strike against Verizon Communications, asked to flood service centers with complaints and questions to — in the words of one leader — “tie them up.”

    The scripted calls are going to fiber-solution outlets, repair shops, maintenance and testing centers, and fiber-optic and digital subscriber line (DSL) centers to “keep them busy,” said Pat Welsh, president of the CWA Retired Members Council for District 1, which covers New York, New Jersey and New England. He described the calls as “electronic picketing” whose purpose is to “stop them from doing business.”

    The CWA suggested the calls in emails to members of various Retired Members Council chapters in which the union said making the calls was something the retirees could do “right from your home” to support the union and those walking the picket lines. The emails contained sample questions for seven call centers, along with the telephone numbers for each and the best times to call.

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    • the union folks are in total left field.they are whining about paying a small portion of their healthcare when everyone else in the company (the vast majority) is already paying our share and it is not killing us. AT&T just settled 2 contracts and guess what? they agreed to start paying their fair share for health insurance. If these fools had half a brain instead of placing their children in the middle of the street to stop VZ vehicles they would be hammering the company to stop sending jobs to the Philippines. If you can believe it those folks are more clueless then the union folks. If they want any kind of sympathy from the folks who will replace them if they walk out or the company locks them out they need to think about what is good for all the employees not just the 40K union folks from, lets face it " THE PHONE COMPANY". No one likes the phone company so they need to quit acting like it. The sad thing is they probably wont read this. Because if there is one thing that was abundantly clear when they went out last time is they have no concept of social media and how to effectively use it to influence public opinion. Just another example of them "living in the past" as Jethro Tull once said.IF you don't believe me take a look at some of the vids they posted.No one at this company likes the fact they are replacing hard working US workers with outsourced personnel who have no clue what they are doing and no work ethic to really get it done whatever it takes just to "increase share holder value". All the top execs should take a 50% cut in salary and leave the work here where it belongs. We need to quit making our customers suffer so the execs can keep their extravagant salaries and benefits. And all these wireless wonders they are putting in charge are the most clueless of the lot. All they know is sell more devices. Well that is fine in the consumer world but it don't cut it in the world of business. I am sure AT&T is loving every minute of this.

    • mushmouth1 Jun 6, 2012 9:13 AM Flag

      Seems like we might have a few mults here.Why not just resurrect this thread?.

    • Might have been those inept management people forever-con.

    • that too vz not maintaining lines

      vz and gs want a spin off of the fios/wireless and let the landline die with its huge pension/salaries charge

    • mushmouth1 May 16, 2012 4:06 PM Flag

      Maybe it was due to Verizon not maintaining the lines, and not the unions fault.Happens every day.

    • Friend, first off I am not cwa, you do not know me so shut your mouth. You do not know what the union says or does, so again keep your mouth shut. You try to say everyone in the union does things. You have no clue. How about the company trying to take everything away from their workers so they can give their upper management raises and health care. I am sick and tired of you union haters. I am sick and tired of you so called investers saying the workers are screwing you. Employees are shareholders also.

    • BS the union is not hurting the customers. People the company had doing work while craft was out on strike did more harm to plant because they did not have a clue as to what they were doing. Heck if they could not figure out how to open a terminal especially one that had no drop wires in it, makes me wonder about why the company wanted these people in the first place.

    • Well VZ is aware of this guerilla of course.
      it won't help the negociations which btw won't last much longer.
      VZ is already diverting a lot of work or request supposedly aimed at landline business, towards wireless , or fios or towards external contracted parties (yes).

      again why do AOL ATT COMCAST DIRECT TV similar job technicians have to be paid 40% less and participate much much higher for their medical coverage etc etc ?

      decision has been taken long time ago anyway
      on order from GS....
      spin off/let the landline business (where most unionized staff exists) and let it die.
      lockout or strike, it's dead ahead.
      the new "contract" (if any) is so tough (compared to the golden contract they have right now with huge salaries compared to same work done at ATW/DTV/COMCAST etc) that it's also "meant" to make a lot (VZ hope) of the FTs in particular to "quit" and leave....

      • 1 Reply to harryjones_44
      • harryjohns
        seems you both share half a brain
        seems you both need a good job
        seems you both wish you had a good union job
        anti american putzes!
        both of you
        and all you other cwa union bashers!
        your envy is showing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        you all look quite green. yeah you.
        keep posting your pathetic crap....
        its HILARIOUS!!!!!!

    • No up ur ,I have an honest life, it is you that do not have a life always saying the same thing. I guess it is too much for your pea brain to comprehend.

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