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  • boorad86 boorad86 Nov 7, 2011 10:25 PM Flag

    Strike or Lockout?

    Anyone hearing anything on another strike or lckout? I'm thining it is not going to happen, but have heard nothing. Makes me thing a deal is already in place...they are just dragging it out.

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    • A typical bully reaction, his accusations wouldn't be made in person, another bully action. He doesn't hate "unions", he hates what they stand for and what they've achieved for the working class over the years. Sad for him and others like him, is that they're part of the middle class or part of the 99%, if you will. On this Thanksgiving day, I'm happy to notice workers standing up to retailers who are opening their doors today so people can satiate themselves with more shopping. One worker said, if we don't stand up for ourselves now, then thanksgiving will be like most other holidays where people are forced to work in the retail industry. We, as shoppers should boycott stores that are open on thanksgiving day, or ask those stores CEO"S to help out with the registers, on thanksgiving day.

    • Not "off the deep end", just paying attention to how people react when their accusations are turned back on them. Pretty much what I expected - easy to accuse, hard to be accused.

    • I don't work in New York. I didn't make wild accusations. They caught and prosecuted scabs for stealing test equipment out of co's and selling it on ebay. Just one example. There are bad people among all groups, doesn't matter if you're management, craft, or scab. All you want to do is union bash. you are not interested in an intelligent discourse. I guess you are a low level management type or a scab looking for work. And speaking of scabs, if they are such a quality workforce, why aren't they working for an established telecomm firm?

    • Where would the world be without pinheads like you and ekkis. Union leadership doesn't advocate vandalism. It does nothing but lead to negative publicity and hard feelings. Unions only represent six to seven percent of today's workforce. They do not have a negative influence on businesses today. They are the conservative's and some corporate leader's scapegoats. Some locals have hotheads who do stupid things. The last strike we had in my part of the country we policed our own people and let it be known that destructive behavior would not be tolerated. The only vandalism in our area was traced back to scabs and they were terminated. We had numerous cases of scabs trashing co's and personal work areas before leaving. It took us six weeks to clean up their mess. You idiots need to find a new windmill to joust with.

    • America does not hate unions!!!! This is the "United" States of America!!!!!! It is with the "union" of all 50 states that there is an America!!!! Like it or not America is a union!!

    • Then, you are a ahole.

    • the union is not broken. Granted, the national leadership has gone corporate in the way they take care of themselves first. ANd it is sad that a few union members resorted to vandalism. there is no place for that. But unions offer a buffer from company excesses and abuse. Your scab mentality is pathetic. Unions are business agents for groups of people.

    • so hes a queen and not two aces or sumpthin?....tss...tss...

    • America LOVES unions
      you silly little girl!
      Especially CWA!
      Now go find a nice cute installer
      and stop being such a bitchy
      drama queen, you old queen!

    • I think right now, and for a long time coming, the people are fed up with the 1%, which im sure your not. The criminals are the ones who break contracts and contract law and think they can get away with it. Criminal is to send a family wage earner to the street in the name of profits, not performance. One should beware who they align themselves with, there's no replacement for morality, not even profits. Remember, your just a number, and the only thing thing between you & the unemployment line, is a tap on the back. I wish you well.

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