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  • fabfour4vr Mar 28, 2012 7:48 PM Flag

    Frontiers problems

    Read earlier that Frontier Communications problems were caused by taking on high priced labor. Let's take a look at the big picture:
    Wilderotten 77% pay increase, CFO Shassian 52% pay increase,COO McCarthy 90% pay increase, EVP McKenney 72% pay increase. So what will happen eventually is Frontier will declare bankruptcy and the little guys will pay, give backs galore, and they laugh all the way to the bank.

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    • Standard SOP. In order to ensure the transfer of depbt ( sale ) to Frontier of VZ core it must appear as a "must do deal" in order to save the last major landline company in American. VZ will unload it debt which will clear the way for VOD/VZ merger and after that ATT with TMOBILE. OF course VZ will be a major shareholder in Frontier, but it will be clear of the debt.


    • standard operating procedure for big business in america..should be illegal. I work for vz nj wireline we cant get tools, fleet is a mess, just got new blackberry and no case or car charger i work on the road out of a truck they say they dont have the money for things boss cant even get paper for printer hes printing on both sides of but ceo got a big raise...they will run this company into the ground soon. i think thats the plan

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      • I feel your pain, I, along with about 100 other techs were transfered to Brooklyn recently because of the large backlog of troubles.
        As God is my witness, believe me when I tell you their wasn't a single object in the supply room. When I told management I didn't even have drop wire they told me they didn't use much of it anyway there!! Drop wire is the wire that is used to bring dial tone from the pole to the house. In my 31 years as a tech, I have never witnessed such ineptness and complete disregard for customer service. It is embarrassing to face a customer who has been out of service for weeks waiting for repairs and know that you don't have the most basic supplies or equiptment to fix their service because of a budget.

        While thousands of people are out of service or paying for defective services, Lowell McAdams and the greedy fat cats at 140 West St are stuffing their pockets with bonuses and obsurd amounts of executive pay. In the meantime they wonder why customer are fleeing to cable.

      • imho imminent to see VZ force the new contract and subcontract a lot to new non union people
        and hoping to see people leaving.
        clock ticking.

      • sounds like VZ is ready to spinoff another chunk ..

        that is the way of business .. once the big office decision
        is make to carve off a slice .. no more support ... reduced
        costs until they can sell it .. financials look better
        and the buyer gets it all ... including the rust buckets
        and DUct Tape inventory .. seen it before .. later .. g

      • Do you still have a dot matrix printer like we do at our garage?

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