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  • dvdmccauley dvdmccauley Aug 1, 2012 9:48 AM Flag


    on july 25th there was a power outage that serves the remote electronic equipment [cev] that my phone works out of.
    when power was restored my service came back.
    the back batteries were dead. i called repair and told
    what i thought was the problem and asked if i could get a
    supervisor to call me i was assured that i would get
    a call in 48 hours . instead of call they sent a tech
    i had dial tone, so he said he would relay the message
    that i wanted to talk to mangement. still no call.
    i then called on the 30th and would get a call that day.
    no call .called this morning 8/1/2012. no call yet.
    my feeling is that they have no intention of replacing

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    • Da! The electric co supplies power-AC to the CEV. The batteries are kept charged by rectifiers. If no power is present ie. AC or generator then depending on the amount of load on the batteries-well you know about the flash light?
      Now as I'm sure you will agree a new (good) battery installed only yesterday will only take so much drain. My question MR. engineer is do YOU know all the facts that would cause the batteries to need replacement? I could load your brain with more facts but hey listen-you got dial tone-I'm sure there are other important things for you to take care of, your daily walk maybie? Or better yet why don't you break the electric co. stones? what caused the power outage in the first place, was it maybie a tree which should have been trimmed by same which took down the lines? Get a life.Or a cell phone.

    • Get lost, dork. You're no customer.

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