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  • iamgarce iamgarce Sep 26, 2012 12:24 PM Flag


    You really should take your crap elsewhere ..


    investors in VZ want to see costs contained , revs increase , cfc increase and net profit increase ...

    that cannot happen if the company is going to engage in a giveaway program to employees , so
    the union posts are negative to stock price appreciation ..

    think i'm cold and unfeeling ??? no way , but this is NOT the forum such sentiment .... i worked
    for a large outfit for 32 years ,,, watched my raises stop , my med expenses went way up , then
    was shown the door long before i was ready to retire and it just about devastated me .... ...... I am
    still heavily invested in the stock and doing quite well there , but on the message boards , i leave
    that behind .. .that company is still a good investment , in part because they lopped off a bunch
    of employees , including myself , and have also shifted a large portion of the medical costs to
    emps and retirees but that's another matter all together ......

    give the unions a nice fat contract and watch your investment take a dive .... i know that many
    union employees also benefit from the stock price and dividends ... you are being pulled in 2 opposite
    directions ... so what ??? so is everyone else ...

    as a consumer and a worker .. i want low prices and high wages .... WOW .. won't happen in this
    solar system ... same as an employee/stock investor .... as with all other factors of life ... work hard ,
    save , and make the best of it ..... but above all .... stop the griping , it serves no purpose , other than
    catharsis .. which is much better handled in a different venue ... like your local beer garden ..... g

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