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  • marketralley marketralley Sep 27, 2012 8:30 PM Flag

    CWA 1101 NYC Says VOTE NO!!!!!! Dont let the Fat 1% get away with ripping us off

    Message from Keith Purce, President 1101

    Created on Wednesday, 26 September 2012 13:12. |

    September 25, 2012

    We don’t believe we should settle for a concessionary contract without a fight. We have consistently said that we are ready to Strike. We did a “Ready to Strike” pledge, and then were told that only CWA President Cohen had the authority to call a strike, so we sent him letters stating that we would strike and never surrender. We have always been upfront on what 1101 is willing to do to preserve our contract. We think a vote no on this agreement will show the company that we are ready to FIGHT!

    This is not a reflection of the bargaining team, they have fought long and hard for 16 months against this greedy, selfish, billion-dollar company. Our fight is with Verizon!

    The greatest ideal of unionism is democracy, now we get to vote on this Tentative Agreement. We will get all the information out to the membership through worksite meetings and Verizon membership meetings in the next 2 weeks. We will do a mail-out ballot so everyone’s voice will be heard. This vote is one of the biggest decisions you will make for you and your families’ future. A vote NO is also an authorization to strike vote. I think it’s time the company knows we are serious and ready to FIGHT! A strike is always a last resort and the company has been pushing our backs to the wall for a long time now. We have no other choice but to use our ultimate weapon until we get a contract that gives us the respect we deserve!

    To strike is not an easy thing. I went through the 17 week strike in 1989, and as a young child in grammar school I lived through the 1971 strike as my father fought Ma Bell. But when is enough enough? How many punches can we take? We must stand and fight, the time is NOW!

    Remember our fight is with Verizon, not the national or any of our fellow locals. If you want to text or post something on Facebook, just put the positive reasons why you believe in your position.

    There is no reason to attack a fellow brother or sister who has a different opinion; we all have to stand together against corporate GREED!

    We are ready to strike and not surrender!!!

    We are 1101.

    Fight for what is ours. They " Verizon" gave the union this piece of Poop "what they want to call a contract" and said take it or leave it. You all must understand that we " CWA and our Brothers and Sisters IBEW" only initially said we will bring it to our members so we had just about a month to come up with our next game plan. If we said "NO" right there and then who knows what would of happened. This way we have all be able to make some money" And I along with everybody else I talk to " have ben telling you to put as much away as possible" and decide what we are going to do when we vote no . Lowell + Verizon are not going to know what to say and they may just turn around ad fold in to our respectable demands. We are no the airlines here, we make the company 5+ Billion dollars a year take home. They pay out 6%+ dividends " banks dont even pay 1%" they dont ned our money, Lowel is being greedy and just wants to give himself a bigger raise.

    Stand United, Vote "NO", dont just vote "yes" becasue you are scared becasue the bosses are threatening you and telling you " you better take that deal" what do they know? Seriously, they are affraid for their jobs. They are dropping like flies.
    If you " Vote Yes" they are going to turn around and push out the door, lay off a bunch of us and the next contract in 2.5 years they will finish us off.

    I will see all of you on the line Standing strong!!!!!!!!

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