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  • redrobinyummmmmmm redrobinyummmmmmm Oct 3, 2012 3:35 PM Flag

    NO on contract = VZ stock price UP

    The proposed contract is the best in the industry. no, i'm not drinking the kool-aid. anyone who can give me any examples of anyone in the wireline industry who is making as much, paying less for health care, gets more sick days, etc please tell me what company that is. My sister has been out of full time work since she was laid off by Comcast 2 years ago. She currently works for one of the inside wiring vendors that VZ has tapped for strike/lockout relief(last time and this time), and even though they don't get benefits she will be paid very well if/when there is a work stoppage. She would love to become full time and take the contract that is proposed. Even without the union contract, she'd gladly take the pay/benefits that the non-union VZ employees make, which also is a terrific package.

    If the union votes NO, they will either strike or there will be a lockout. Either way, VZ's out of pocket will be less than it is under the current contract. That will go right to the bottom line. There are LOTS of folks on the east coast in the same boat as my sister...skilled telecom employees who are out of work and will jump at the chance to work for the pay/benefits that are being given currently, both to the union as well as non-union employees of VZ.

    The argument of 'how do you think everyone got such good pay/benefits, it's the Union Stupid!' is missing the point. What was negotiated when unions were still a large part of the American workforce is not relevant in today's non-Union America. Employees can hire/fire at will, and employees can work or walk at will. Folks like my sister who have been out of full time work for 2 years plus will fill these jobs gladly. There's a learning curve on day 1, sure. But these are people who have already been in the industry, so anyone who thinks their job is safe because nobody else can do it as well as they can are sorely mistaken. There are LOTS of skilled men and women out of work just waiting in line for an opportunity like this. I am personally hoping for a NO vote so that my sister can be sure she's got a job every day instead of having to check back after each job to see if there's any other work for her somewhere else.

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    • Dont think the run up in price necessarily has anything to do with contract labour disputes, rather it has to do with the ex-dividend date of 10/5/12, meaning anyone that will snag the $0.515 dividend per share will be registered shareholder by end of trading on 10/04/12 to snag that dividend on number of shares owned. That is what is running up the price, the dividend, price will drop by the same amount as the dividend. Some folks will be selling, they just want to reap the dividends.

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