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  • penma1 penma1 Oct 17, 2012 12:16 AM Flag


    I want better future for my children. They have none with obama.
    i hope american people get it.

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    • If you look at the number of jobs lost monthly when Obama took office, something like 800 thousands to what is being created now about 100 thousands, that is a pretty big spread. In addition, the cost of the supply chain to produce stuff in China is only 10% less of what it costs in the US, will jobs be coming back, I think so, companies may be smarting and may not relocate manufacturing into South America. They cant use the excuse that Americans arent educated because so many kids are graduating from college, where will these educated kids work? If you do some due diligence you might be surprised exactly how many companies are starting to invest back in the US. So regardless of who is President, they will benefit in the long slow turn around that has been gradually happening. The divergence between jobs lost versus jobs being created bodes well for the US. Neither party can afford to strap the middle class much futhers because they are the driver of growth, sacraficing ethics for the sake of profits under globalization has come home to roost. The only real problem that I have is that the QE3 is open ended, and looking at the information that was recently released by the FED under duress from Bloomberg showed that a lot of the money under the qualitative easing went overseas, under QE3 my guess is that this is a smoke screen to help the Eurozone to help fix things. QE3 should be within the US, the FED should not be the Central Bank for the world.

    • Voting for obama is suicide. Obama doubled gasoline prices, doubled unemployment, doubled the federal deficit, lost america's credit rating and crushed middle america.

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