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  • vzcotec vzcotec Oct 17, 2012 9:54 AM Flag

    So now we see evidence of Ivan's work Idearc

    business Idearc Inc. described the unit's management internally as incompetent ...
    Verizon Exec Defends Idearc Spinoff In US Bank ...
    Now the creditors that took the hit over Idearc are in court alleging Verizon engineered the deal to unjustly enrich itself while sending the dying phone directory ...

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    • Another lawsuit in Federal Court, filed by The Association of BellTel Retirees Inc. a not-for-profit organization, seeks the return of 2,700 retirees to the VZ pension plans, etc. These retirees, who never worked for or heard of IDEARC, were transferred to IDEARC responsibility when this undernourished company was spun off from VZ.

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      • Most of us older guys knew that Ivan was dumb sizing management when he was selling off New England, Idear and the FTR sale. He had run off management and replaced them with young guys that believed his hype and thought they were getting ahead. Too many older guys refused to take management. These were the people that got passed over on the EEOC promotions that jumped unqualified people ahead of them. When people would not go they started recruiting at military job fairs looking for "qualified" people. That didn't work too well. Just look at the bill of goods they sold FTR. Remember when they said not to talk to FTR people, did you every wonder why? Yes, Ivan never changed the oil, ran the tire bald, switched the battery and change the mileage on that old car and Maggie bought that last one.

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