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  • iamgarce iamgarce Nov 16, 2012 11:11 AM Flag


    huge victory for unions today ... HOSTESS bakers' union has succeeded in busting the company ...

    a victory over the oppressive capitalist system ..

    More over .. it only cost 18,300 jobs ... and just in time for the holidays !!! that'll show'em ...

    this could be big , maybe more crafts will get on board and we can finally defeat the United States of
    America ... after 225 years , maybe the experiment will finally be put to bed ... then the path will be
    cleared for the government to take over our entire lives and Obama will be there to lead the
    charge ..... our grandchildren are not going to have to bear the great burden of govt debt , the US
    will be back to a feudal system by then .... 2% of the population walking on the rest !!!

    Just remember , whenever your union contracts come up ... do not cave in and we can get this
    miserable capitalist system finished once and for all ....

    PS .. This will also help lead to a healthier population .. less junk food .. i won't miss the twinkies ,
    as i am diabetic , like so many others and more to come ... just remember , the best part is
    18,300 people out of work and it's the bakers' union that we have thank for that .... garce

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    • rswestbound66 Dec 4, 2012 8:52 AM Flag

      Being a diabetic has effected your brain... Unions have their place and provide rules for employers to follow in regards to health, safety and wages. We are not a 3rd world country because of unions. While they are not perfect, they have their place and history has proven this. Do some fact finding. Obama is not in the union either, so he has nothing to do with Hostess. Private enterprise can do as it pleases, because we live in America - A democracy !

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    • lmao i'm sure the oppressive capitalist system will persevere ...twinkies will be made in china by someone making 30 bucks a month..that lives in the factory he works in..and pays rent to the factory ...the ceo cfo and all the higher ups get a nice raise on top of the millions they already make for "saving the company". A true success for the poor capitalists who know that true capitalism means more for the guys at the top...less for the guys at the bottom only screws up the country ..eventually...but who cares.. bring more to the top FACT ...ALMOST ALL THINGS MADE IN CHINA WILL BE CHEAPER ...MADE BY NON UNION PEOPLE WHO KNOW THEIR PLACE IN LIFE...LETS GET IT OVER WITH ..LIKE TRUE CAPITALISTS ..AMERICANS BETTER START LEARNING TO LIVE ON 30 BUCKS A MONTH OR LOSE THEIR JOBS TO THE CHINESE ...THIS IS CAPITALISM PEOPLE ..LETS COMPETE

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      • So who says you have to work in a Chinese Twinkee factory?!? It's a free world out there and you can make your own fortune-factory-future is you get out there and try. There's the stock market, real estate, Los Vegas, Lotto tickets,you can start your own Union, and be "very rich! '''and you can write popular books, invent a cure for cancer and a million other things if you're a true Capitalists and don't think like a Communist!

    • If the workers where so useless to the profits of the company then why didn't they just lock them out and bring in replacement monkeys?

      Seems at some point the workers did indeed matter. Management or the vulture Bain-isk leverage buyout vultures got paid very well. What happen to Hostess is whats been going on for decades in the US. Wall St. profits and workers/Americans get poorer. Seems to be whats ever good for Wall St. is nearly always bad for main st.

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    • Best part is Obama wont count them in the unemployed. I support the Unions decision. I don't support your mothers decision in going full term

    • You are a makes 2.5billion per year.. Union liabilities and payroll 1/20 of as usuall were robbing the bank with 80percent pay raises in the last year alone!!!!!!!!!! So what if a union worker can make 93k per year....more power to him, when top management is making 20, 30, or 40 million per year......wake up buddy

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      • The union did not build the company! the union did not invest their money to start the company Unions SUCK I worked for a company that was union ( I was Salary) and they wanted more and more and more finally the management said f--- them and closed. Those employees that were making $18 now make less than $10 an hour working at McDonalds,Home Depot,Walmart etc.etc They all wish they were not so greedy. F--- Union demands they did not build that!

      • You are the idiot. No one is earning anything there. The Twinkie plant is gone. Where's that baker's union when you need them? Good luck finding other jobs.

      • They make $2.5 billion per year? Wait, you are on Yahoo! Finance and you don't know the difference between revenue and profit? God help you...

      • you missed my point ... i would like one of those jobs , but the unions have me shut out ....
        the unions get the most they can for a few and the rest have to go elsewhere ... not really
        the spirit of fair redistribution of wealth now is it or do you have some union line to come
        back with ....

        there is no doubt that labor / skills / craft / professionals need to have some sort of negotiating
        venue , but the current state of unions does not even do that very well .. unions have been
        absorbed into the system and no longer serve the purpose that they once did ... but then , so
        have many other things that made the US strong ....

    • You are certainly an idiot.

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      • just because i posted something not nice about unions ???

        just wait until you need some work done on your home and have to pay union scale ......
        unions have just become another tool for those in power to screw the little guy .. yes , anyone
        who is in a union is benefitting greatly ... OOOOPPPs ... not anyone who used to work at
        Hostess ...
        why don't you call up a few of those folks and ask'em how great the bakers' union is ?????

        it's time for everyone in the USA to GET REAL .. cut the crap and get to work ....

    • You are certainly an idiot.

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      • worked 32 years for a non union outfit .. it was great .... union have out run their usefulness ....

        how about a 26 year old kid in the electrician union .. making 93K per year , benefits and vacation
        time , 35 hour work week ...

        hell , 3 people could make it on that salary , but 2 of them cannot get a job ..

        unions shut more people out of a living wage than they give ...

        maybe it wasn't the unions , maybe it was just human greed ...

        all i know is that young children won't be having Twinkies for a snack any more , they will
        probably turn the drugs .......

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