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  • iamgarce iamgarce Nov 29, 2012 11:54 AM Flag

    Are we going to get a special dividend ??

    I felt kind of stiffed last January when VZ and VOD split 10 bil injection from VZW ... VOD handed their
    share out to shareholders , VZ was supposed to pay down debt .... another 5 bil coming from VZW ...
    many companies handing some nice SD's ...

    i have to wonder if maybe Union might step up the plate and demand a distrbibution from VZW preferred ???
    let's see how the Union can help ... garce

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    • Rather than a special dividend that only helps us now one-time, I'd rather see it reinvested in the business to expand the FiOS build which would provide recurring returns for years to come... copper provided the funds to build wireless, let wireless provide the funds to build fiber.

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      • That's "crazy talk". As a shareholder I want a little extra cash in my pocket now. They'll still have enough to reinvest.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • VOD is growing also and still wants to be bigger . but they passed the VZW div on to shareholders ..
        VZ has also sold of some assets , like YP's , FPT , FTR and didn't hand out all that much to
        investors .. i'm not saying that they are not using the income wisely , but the occassional SD
        would be nice ...

      • 5.5 billion back in January was supposed to pay down debt and fuel capex .... VOD is growing just
        fine and they pitched their share to share holders and still maintain a fat div .. VZ could spread a little
        around ..
        i understand your stance , but remember . the 1st phase of FIOS buildout was quite agressive and
        funded by borrowing ...

        so far , i have been a big fan of VZ management and their ability to execute a fine business plan
        that was crafted .. .so if they decide to put more $$ toward FIOS and/or get LTE into more
        markets . that's okay with me too ,,

        the thing that i really don't care for is stock buybacks ... i also IBM and they have been buying
        back hand over fist since 1996 ... nearly 150 BILLION , they certainly haven't retired that many
        shares and i don't see where the buybacks have done all that much for the share price ...

        such is life , we all have our druthers ..

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